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This is the post that I promised you ages ago! And there's a poll to go with it.

1) The first thing I want to discuss is the possibility of opening the kinkmeme to other Star Wars movies - that is post-TFA movies. OT and PT are a no-go, at least for now. Never say never, etc.

In case you guys want that, we could have a separate post for Rogue One prompts or do something else if you have better ideas. If guys would rather start your own Rogue One kinkmeme, then I'd be happy to promote it here!

2) Next: prompt freezes. We're close to prompt post seven, so it's be great to decide the length of future freezes, etc before then.

The poll is here. Please vote.

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Since the matter of reprompting isn't settled, I figured this could help: go here and vote.

Also there's a prompt freeze happening, so use this time to fill and comment on new and old fills! And while we're on the topic of filling, please remember to link your fills here and label them as WIPs if they are not complete.

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I wanted to discuss a couple things before post 5 goes up tomorrow Monday.

1) We briefly discussed but didn't exactly settle on what to do re: reposting prompts for previous rounds. I feel the topic should be revisited now that we're almost on round 5.

What I'm considering is having a 2 week-long prompt freeze after post 5/right before post 6 and a separate reprompting post where you guys can link to prompts from the first 3/4 rounds. There'd be a reprompting format you guys would have to follow and some basic rules (no more than 2 prompts a day, etc)

I'm open to ideas and suggestions, but keep in mind that the main reason for this is to avoid new rounds being clogged with reposts while still bringing those "old" prompts to attention.

2) We're looking for delicious volunteers to bookmark prompts from round 4. Someone volunteered to take care of round 2 prompts, so we only need someone for round 4. Delicious is relatively easy to use and bookmarking is really simple using the bookmarklet tool. If you're interested email me at tfakink AT gmail DOT com.

3) Please remember to link your fills in the fills post. The actual prompt post can be at times fast-paced and fills tend to get lost, so linking them there will help people to find them.

Anything else you guys wish me to address, comment and I'll edit this post. Comments are screened.
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By popular demand we are having a belated prompt freeze! This means no new prompts until February 26th.

Use this time to fill prompts from all rounds and comment on fills!

I'm also looking for delicious volunteers to bookmark prompts from round 3. If you are interested email me at tfakink AT gmail DOT com.

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Some kinkmemes have mandatory anonymous posting, so I was wondering how you guys felt about making that a rule here.

Go here to vote!


Okay, the results are way too close (56-44) for me to be comfortable making a decision one way or the other. However, it was suggested we could reach a compromise by limiting logged in comments to fills. That'd mean mandatory anon posting for prompts, seconding, discussion post, etc.

In case you don't want to logout when commenting, all you have to do is click More Options and select Anonymous.

Also, consider this a trial run. If it doesn't work out/no one's happy with it, we'll go back to the way we were in a few weeks.

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Last week, I made a mod post with a couple of new rules. The rules were:

1. prompts must not exceed ~250 words, if you're not sure how long your prompt is you can check here and here. Obviously if your prompt is just "Poe and BB-8 fake date!" there's no need for that.

2. no prompt-hijacking

3. try to leave fewer than 5 prompts per page

I also mentioned looking for volunteers to bookmark prompt to the delicious account. I'm still looking, btw!

Now, in light of some recent events, I'm adding more rules:

4. no more backseat modding. I appreciate you guys want to help and care about people following the rules, I'm not being sarcastic here, but if you see a prompt/fill/someone breaking the rules you should let me know by commenting on the Ask a Mod post and then let me deal with it. Do not engage.

5. reposting prompts from post one is not currently allowed. I don't know how you'd prefer to deal with reposting:

- reposting from prompt post one can start in post 4, reposting from post two can start in post 5, etc

- special post for reposted prompts once we hit prompt post number [whatever]

- no reposting ever.

Let me know!

6. This has not happened yet, but I figure it's only a matter of time: no prompts based on real life tragic events. That means no 9/11 AU, no segregation  AU and absolutely no "AU where Hux is literally Hitler" I know the movie sort of went there, but fictional space nazis ≠ actual irl nazis who lived and killed actual people.

7. the most important new rule is PLAY NICE.

Lastly, by popular demand, we're having a short prompt freeze.  The kinkmeme will be once again open for prompts on Friday 22nd. eta: I didn't realize it might look this way, but the prompt freeze is not punishment for bad behavior or whatever! It's only to encourage filling/reading.

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1) the kinkmeme rules have been updated. there have been 2 additions:

- word limit on prompts: from this point forward prompts must not exceed ~250 words. If your prompt hits 300+ words, your comment will be screened and you'll be asked to reword the prompt.

- no hijacking other people's prompts: this should go without saying but you shouldn't hijack someone else's prompt, especially by pointing out details of their prompt you're not into and suggesting changes that'd make the prompt more to your taste.

2) Our delicious account has all of post one bookmarked (~1500 prompts give or take), I'm looking for volunteers who'd be interested in bookmarking prompts from post two. Ideally, this person would know how to use delicious, maybe have some experience mantaining a kinkmeme's delicious account, etc. If you're interested email me at tfakink AT gmail DOT com.

eta: also, while this is not really a rule I can enforce, please try to limit yourselves to fewer than 5 prompts per page.

That's it! Questions, doubts and concerns regarding this post can be discussed here, but play nice.


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