themodawakens ([personal profile] themodawakens) wrote in [community profile] tfa_kink2016-09-01 07:30 pm
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This is the post that I promised you ages ago! And there's a poll to go with it.

1) The first thing I want to discuss is the possibility of opening the kinkmeme to other Star Wars movies - that is post-TFA movies. OT and PT are a no-go, at least for now. Never say never, etc.

In case you guys want that, we could have a separate post for Rogue One prompts or do something else if you have better ideas. If guys would rather start your own Rogue One kinkmeme, then I'd be happy to promote it here!

2) Next: prompt freezes. We're close to prompt post seven, so it's be great to decide the length of future freezes, etc before then.

The poll is here. Please vote.

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