Mar. 25th, 2016

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I wanted to discuss a couple things before post 5 goes up tomorrow Monday.

1) We briefly discussed but didn't exactly settle on what to do re: reposting prompts for previous rounds. I feel the topic should be revisited now that we're almost on round 5.

What I'm considering is having a 2 week-long prompt freeze after post 5/right before post 6 and a separate reprompting post where you guys can link to prompts from the first 3/4 rounds. There'd be a reprompting format you guys would have to follow and some basic rules (no more than 2 prompts a day, etc)

I'm open to ideas and suggestions, but keep in mind that the main reason for this is to avoid new rounds being clogged with reposts while still bringing those "old" prompts to attention.

2) We're looking for delicious volunteers to bookmark prompts from round 4. Someone volunteered to take care of round 2 prompts, so we only need someone for round 4. Delicious is relatively easy to use and bookmarking is really simple using the bookmarklet tool. If you're interested email me at tfakink AT gmail DOT com.

3) Please remember to link your fills in the fills post. The actual prompt post can be at times fast-paced and fills tend to get lost, so linking them there will help people to find them.

Anything else you guys wish me to address, comment and I'll edit this post. Comments are screened.


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