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Last week, I made a mod post with a couple of new rules. The rules were:

1. prompts must not exceed ~250 words, if you're not sure how long your prompt is you can check here and here. Obviously if your prompt is just "Poe and BB-8 fake date!" there's no need for that.

2. no prompt-hijacking

3. try to leave fewer than 5 prompts per page

I also mentioned looking for volunteers to bookmark prompt to the delicious account. I'm still looking, btw!

Now, in light of some recent events, I'm adding more rules:

4. no more backseat modding. I appreciate you guys want to help and care about people following the rules, I'm not being sarcastic here, but if you see a prompt/fill/someone breaking the rules you should let me know by commenting on the Ask a Mod post and then let me deal with it. Do not engage.

5. reposting prompts from post one is not currently allowed. I don't know how you'd prefer to deal with reposting:

- reposting from prompt post one can start in post 4, reposting from post two can start in post 5, etc

- special post for reposted prompts once we hit prompt post number [whatever]

- no reposting ever.

Let me know!

6. This has not happened yet, but I figure it's only a matter of time: no prompts based on real life tragic events. That means no 9/11 AU, no segregation  AU and absolutely no "AU where Hux is literally Hitler" I know the movie sort of went there, but fictional space nazis ≠ actual irl nazis who lived and killed actual people.

7. the most important new rule is PLAY NICE.

Lastly, by popular demand, we're having a short prompt freeze.  The kinkmeme will be once again open for prompts on Friday 22nd. eta: I didn't realize it might look this way, but the prompt freeze is not punishment for bad behavior or whatever! It's only to encourage filling/reading.

Comments on this post are screened, I will unscreen them as I see fit.

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