themodawakens ([personal profile] themodawakens) wrote in [community profile] tfa_kink2016-01-14 11:28 am
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1) the kinkmeme rules have been updated. there have been 2 additions:

- word limit on prompts: from this point forward prompts must not exceed ~250 words. If your prompt hits 300+ words, your comment will be screened and you'll be asked to reword the prompt.

- no hijacking other people's prompts: this should go without saying but you shouldn't hijack someone else's prompt, especially by pointing out details of their prompt you're not into and suggesting changes that'd make the prompt more to your taste.

2) Our delicious account has all of post one bookmarked (~1500 prompts give or take), I'm looking for volunteers who'd be interested in bookmarking prompts from post two. Ideally, this person would know how to use delicious, maybe have some experience mantaining a kinkmeme's delicious account, etc. If you're interested email me at tfakink AT gmail DOT com.

eta: also, while this is not really a rule I can enforce, please try to limit yourselves to fewer than 5 prompts per page.

That's it! Questions, doubts and concerns regarding this post can be discussed here, but play nice.

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