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"Perfect", Finn/Poe, Bunking Together at Rebel Base

(Anonymous) 2015-12-25 08:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Things are pretty tight up at the rebel base by the time Finn and Rey get there- people are sleeping on floors, in storage closets, wherever there's room. But Poe, rebel big shot that he is, has his own permanent room. It's not big- just a twin bed- but it's more than a lot of people have.

He ends up inviting Finn back there to talk about what happened on Jakku, and then it's decided that it's late and Finn ought to just stay there, and Poe asks Finn to get get the zip at the back of the compression suit under his pilot's uniform, and, well, it's an awfully small room and Poe's naked back is right there, and if Poe was another stormtrooper Finn would know exactly how to interpret this but he isn't.

In conclusion, they end up sharing the twin bed very enthusiastically.

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