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Re: Rey/Finn/Poe - fairytale/royalty au, h/c, pining, romance

OP still, I'm sorry I'm sorry but also, some things that might happen as part of this (feel free to take any or none of these or do something separate with any of them, idc I just want them) are:

- Finn and Rey are very adorably (and badassfully, they show off) courting one another and Poe has to both stand guard and chaperone them, and although he turns his back politely he can hear their first kiss, hear the soft sounds when their lips touch and how enthusiastic but courteous they are to each other and he is suffering SO MUCH because of it

- Finn and Rey both have old routines born of necessity that they can't seem to shake in spite of the fact that they don't need to wake in the middle of the night to check the water stores, or run laps, and Poe catches them at these things enough that they become part of his routine too. Everything is tragic and everyone has a lot of compassion for each other is what I'm saying here.

- Kylo Ren is either the cruel and cold prince of the kingdom Finn came from, or the cruel and evil king of the fae, and Poe gets hurt or tortured or whatever protecting Rey and Finn from him, but maybe in a slightly arbitrary way, like maybe he makes threats that Rey could answer him on with her powerful magics, but presents these threats to Poe to satisfy some fae whimsy of his own, or maybe so that Poe will try to fight him bc he's trying to start a war (maybe that's why he betrothed Finn to Rey also?). Ugh, I'm sorry, this whole bullet point is just "Kylo and plot maybe???"

- Poe wakes after being injured/tortured and instead of the regular medic, he’s in the royal suites being tended by Prince Finn and Princess Rey themselves, probably bleeding onto their silk sheets, and he protests too much like, ‘oh no, you don’t need to to do this, you have more important duties, also what will ppl think’ and either or both Rey and Finn are like ‘SHUT UP I AM YOUR PRINCE/SS AND I SAY NO ONE WILL BIND YOUR WOUNDS AND TEND TO YOUR HURTS BUT MYSELF AND MY BETROTHED’

- after they've confessed their love for each other and had lots of sex, Finn and Rey find a way to include Poe in their eventual marriage, which is magical in nature, even though it's a bit scandalous, like their marriage bonds them to each other and the stars and the land or something, and they make sure to each have a token of Poe's when they say their vows, and he covers his mouth so he can whisper the words with them, so they're all three included in the magic. (Maybe there's gossip about why the constellation formed by their union is 3 sided or 3 pronged or whatever)

- the first time they all three undress each other Poe expects that he'll be the ugly one, scarred and roughened by a lifetime fighting. He knows of course that Rey and Finn had hard lives too, but surely Rey would have erased the evidence of such hardships and pains with her magic, right? But it turns out that under the velvet gloves her hands are still rough and callused (deliciously so) and beneath his fine cloak and polished armor, Finn still has vibroburn marks from being "disciplined" and they all kiss each other's scars while Rey and Finn talk about how beautiful and gorgeous they all are and how Rey would never change a thing about any of them.

- they're all sleeping in late together in the huge luxurious royal suite, and an advisor or a noble of some sort comes to get Rey's (or Finn’s) signature on something and catches a glimpse of Poe and Finn (or Rey) snuggled up together asleep on the huge luxurious bed which Rey (or Finn) has obviously just come from and he says something like "perhaps your highness would like to be a bit more careful about showing such favoritism towards one of your knights." And Rey (or Finn) is like "perhaps I am the motherflippin prince/ss, Afton," and adds six more twirls to their signature before flouncing back to bed. (or they try to flounce. Neither of them actually has any experience with flouncing.)

Omg. I'm so sorry.

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