Someone wrote in [community profile] tfa_kink 2016-01-18 02:50 am (UTC)

Finn/Poe, Interrogation skills can come in handy in the bedroom

Let's face it, Poe's an adrenaline junkie even in sex, and he definitely looks forward to the games him and Finn design and play. He's been especially looking forward to this one: trapped at the hands of a First Order officer who needs to extract-- ahem-- 'sensitive information'.

He's looking to work through some stuff, yes, but if he's being honest Poe's just looking forward to knowing more about Finn's officer candidate training. He bets it would have absolutely exposed him to some methods of interrogation and torture, even if they were rudimentary. He trusts the guy and, well, he doesn't mind if he gets a little broken.

+1 for playfully serious BDSM without 'okay now you kneel and obey me' or consentual nonconsent. Poe wants to see how far Finn will take him, and pretending otherwise is just a waste of everybody's sexytime.
+100 for sex toy torture implements and/or CBT
+1000 for breathplay/choking/being trained to deep throat
+10000 for 'The resistance will not be intimidated'
+my eternal love and admiration for cool, calm, collected and downright evil Finn making the man he's learning to love incredibly happy by wrecking him.

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