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Once you've started/finished a fill, leave a comment here!

When posting your fill, please put the title and pairing (if applicable) and a brief gist of the prompt in the subject line. Any triggers should also be in the subject line.

If your work is a WIP, please indicate so with a "WIP" on the subject line.

Body of the comment should include a copy of the prompt, and a link to where the fill is posted on the kinkmeme. You can include a link to AO3, if you want.

If you post it on the A03 you can add it to our collection!
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Prompt: OT3, Poe has a lovely singing voice and literally never shuts up
"The Order didn't exactly encourage the development of artistic interests (or social skills, for that matter) among its soldiers. Finn grew up learning to be precise, obedient, and most of all quiet. Rey grew up in the desert by herself and is used to vast stretches of silence, days and days where she never talks to anyone.

Poe, on the other hand, is never quiet. When he isn't chattering, laughing or telling stories, he's singing. Loudly, over drinks with his fellow pilots, softly to himself while working on something, being deliberately ridiculous in the shower, etc. etc. Rey and Finn are ???? at first but gradually they get used to/take comfort in it.

+ my kingdom for lullabies because you know both Rey and Finn grew up as orphans and Poe is on a mission to remedy every single sad thing in their lives."

Fill: here

Also posted here on AO3