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Once you've started/finished a fill, leave a comment here!

When posting your fill, please put the title and pairing (if applicable) and a brief gist of the prompt in the subject line. Any triggers should also be in the subject line.

If your work is a WIP, please indicate so with a "WIP" on the subject line.

Body of the comment should include a copy of the prompt, and a link to where the fill is posted on the kinkmeme. You can include a link to AO3, if you want.

If you post it on the A03 you can add it to our collection!

[Update] Am I Breathing Underwater?

(Anonymous) 2016-05-21 04:57 am (UTC)(link)
Warnings: Non-con/dub-con, torture/violence. Concubine/sex slave Poe

Finn is an Imperial Guard (or the First Order equivalent) meaning he's Kylo's and/or Hux's personal guard.
Poe is a pleasure slave belonging to Kylo and/or Hux.

Finn and Poe fall in love and sneak off to be together at every opportunity. Cue lots of angst and danger at having to hide their feelings because they'll be separated or worse if caught.

New Chapter:
imaginary_golux: adult red riding hood and her wolf (Default)

Fluffy, Friendly, Tempered Death; Finn/Poe, badass fluffball Finn

[personal profile] imaginary_golux 2016-05-21 07:44 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Finn's general personality is friendly, helpful, kind, and open with his emotions, but in certain situations, everyone is reminded that he's been raised as a soldier since before he could walk. So I think it would be great if he reminded the Resistance every once in a while about just how dangerous he can be, and that they should use him as an asset.

So maybe a mission gets stranded or in trouble and Finn is there and takes charge and gets them out while devastating their enemy. Or maybe they're undercover and people in his group get into a fight, but because they can't make too big a splash about it and blow their cover, Finn takes out the opponents swift and brutal and damn near silent.

Basically I am kind of missing fics where the dichotomy of how many different hats Finn has the potential to wear are touched on.

Fill: links to AO3:

Kylo and Han. Han confronts Snoke

(Anonymous) 2016-05-21 08:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Han finds out that Snoke have been watching and talking to his son since infancy. Pissed as a wampa Han confronts Snoke and tell him to leave his son the fuck alone.

There is no doubt in my mind that Han wouldnt have travelled across the galaxy to kick Snoke's ass for Ben. Bring me wolf papa!Han!

This can happen any way you like but i would Love for kylo/ben to be present

++ if it happens in Starkiller's holochamper with wounded Kylo being punished

fill here:
imaginary_golux: adult red riding hood and her wolf (Default)

Reap the Whirlwind, Finn & Rey, berserker Rey

[personal profile] imaginary_golux 2016-05-22 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Look. When Rey physically overpowered Kylo and shoved his saber into the fucking ground like that, it gave me feelings. 'Unstoppable + violent force of nature'!Rey feelings.

So, say Finn gets captured by the first order or some other bad guys or is attacked + grabbed during a battle or something, and Rey is there. And right in front of her, he gets threatened with death/sexual violence/any inexcusably horrific threat you want by said baddies.
And Rey. Sees. Red.
And fucking destroys everyone involved.
I'm talking full-on, no one stands a chance against her, defeat of every first-order trooper or bandit or whatever present. I want her to pull an Anakin-versus-those-sandpeople slaughter, and carry Finn away in her arms like some sort of damsel (what is the male version of a damsel?) in distress being saved by a hero. We already had Finn saving Rey, right? I want it the other way 'round now! >:D

-Finn isn't actually harmed. She's that good.
-Finn isn't scared of her a bit for it (he was a stormtrooper, come on!)
-Post saving-Finn protective/desperate cuddles of Finn
-Everyone else can (and should) be scared of her a bit for it, and have to seriously recognize the powerful force user they've just welcomed to the team

It can be romantic or a family relationship between finn and rey, or even not specified! I just need Rey to be a terrifying force of nature when it comes to protecting the people she loves.

Fill: links to AO3:

[Other/Poe] A House Built Out in Space [3/3]

(Anonymous) 2016-05-22 06:21 am (UTC)(link)
Warnings: Impregnation with eggs.

Prompt: basically, i want a reverse of the oviposition: character is impregnated and eggs develop inside them, then they have to push them out, but eggs are huge and stretch the character to maximum. Sensation can be pleasurable/orgasmic or painful/uncomfortable.

Can be consensual or dub-con/non-con. No scat or watersports.

Character in order of preference: Poe, Phasma, Hux, Jessika, Finn, Rey but any character is ok

moonlettuce: (Default)

Finn/Poe. Cum marking

[personal profile] moonlettuce 2016-05-22 12:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Poe is ready to swallow, but at the last second Finn pulls out and cums all over his face instead. Poe is ridiculously turned on by Finn wanting to mark him.

Prompt here:

Fill here:
AO3 here: Marked

Rey/Chewie : grooming, RP and wookie-sploosh

(Anonymous) 2016-05-22 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)
For the prompt at:

there is a fill at:

Or over on Ao3:

imaginary_golux: adult red riding hood and her wolf (Default)

Not What I Expected (Just What I Needed), Poe/Finn, atypical A/B/O

[personal profile] imaginary_golux 2016-05-22 09:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Alpha!Finn has never been allowed to give in to instinct because of the FO discipline, and he's long mastered perfect control to keep him out of trouble and under the radar as a Stormtrooper.

Now, in the Resistance, he's learning people have certain expectations of him as an Alpha, and he somehow keeps defying or overturning those expectations. He wonders if it's a bad thing, but Poe assures him that it's not (and the way Poe smells when he's saying tells Finn that Poe actually really APPRECIATES it).

tldr: Finn isn't the alpha everyone thinks he's going to be; instead, he's exactly the one Poe needs.

Fill: links to AO3:

Rey/Poe: Fingering

(Anonymous) 2016-05-23 04:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Rey being fingered to her first 'caused by another person' orgasm by Poe, who is as thorough and worshipful and honoured to be asked as only Poe Dameron can be. (Finn can also be involved in a supporting role, as can nipple sucking.)
lefaym: Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Starry Night" (Default)

Rey & Luke + unconsummated Luke/Leia, Rey can sense Luke's feelings for Leia (tw: incest)

[personal profile] lefaym 2016-05-23 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Original Prompt:

Leia has meant everything to Luke from the moment he first saw her, and as her awareness of the Force develops, Rey can sense it; she knows that Luke loves Leia in every way, not only as her brother, but he has never acted on it. Up to you whether or not Leia returns Luke's feelings.

++Lots of yearning
+++If Luke has remained hidden away all these years because he couldn't bear her pain (maybe it would turn him to the Dark Side) and/or knew he would give into temptation if he stayed, after everything that happened.
++++If Rey is accepting and not disgusted by what she learns.

Fill (on AO3): Buried Deep

Fill: Hale and Whole (Luke/Rey)

(Anonymous) 2016-05-23 11:01 pm (UTC)(link)

'Touch starved Luke/Rey'


[WIP 6/?] Unconditional - Poe/Finn, Poe/Hux, TW: Brainwashing, Torture, Death, Mutilation, etc.

(Anonymous) 2016-05-23 11:25 pm (UTC)(link)
AO3 link:

Poe is turned into a Stormtrooper.

From two prompts:

Fill: Colder Than the Moon (8/?), Kylo/Fem!Hux, Hux/M!OC

(Anonymous) 2016-05-24 06:35 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Kylo/Fem!Hux, Hux/M!OC - Dark, violence/gore, jealousy (non-con)

Part 8:

Hux x Kylo filthy 'impregnating the prisoner' role play

(Anonymous) 2016-05-24 01:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Even though Kylo can't get pregnant, he and Hux enjoy roleplaying that Kylo is a captured Resistance agent and that Hux will only let him go after he impregnates him in order to show the people on Kylo's side just how eager he is to spread his legs for a First Order general.

+Lots of dirty talk about how fertile Kylo is and how pregnancy will change his body.
++Hux says something along the lines of "what will they think when they see that you've come home a knocked-up whore?"
+++Kylo begs for Hux's seed.

Fill here:

Kylo/any, the breaking of the pisschild, cw: dub/noncon/abuse/torture/God knows what

(Anonymous) 2016-05-24 07:35 pm (UTC)(link)
I just wanna see someone (or something) turn Kylo from haughty tantrum throwing asshole to cowering, terrified, broken shell begging to be killed instead of forced to endure being brutalized any longer. Feel free to go nuts with how, though I'm always a slut for him being shoved full of dicks or having his limbs hacked off.

I dunno why but Kylo is by far the most fun TFA character to torment.

Re: Kylo/any, the breaking of the pisschild, cw: dub/noncon/abuse/torture/God knows what

(Anonymous) 2016-05-24 07:36 pm (UTC)(link)

Fill: Ask Hoe Dameron (Poe/Finn, Poe/All, Other/Other)

(Anonymous) 2016-05-24 09:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Poe - friendly, trustworthy and sexually experienced like you wouldn't believe - is the Resistances's unofficial sex advice guy.

Want to know if getting cum in your eye can make you go blind? What are the best species for sating your oviposition fetish? Was your friend lying when she told you togruta vaginas are so acidic they can burn human dicks? Is it weird to fantasize about getting pissed on by the General? How can you prepare yourself before getting gangbanged by half a dozen wookies? And what should you do if you get Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber stuck in your boyfriend's ass?

Poe Dameron has the answers for you!


Poe/Finn: "My parents are going to hear us!"

(Anonymous) 2016-05-25 12:55 am (UTC)(link)

nothing quite like a visit home, is there? seeing family, friends, bringing your boyfriend along to meet your dad. amazingly (for once) everything has gone swimmingly for poe: kes and finn get along like two ducks in a pond, everyone's happy, and he's just about to congratulate himself on how well everything turned out when it comes time to go to bed. he and finn are staying overnight in poe's old room, which would be fine...
except it's right next to his parents' room, and he promised finn that they'd mess around tonight (it's their first off-day in forever) and now poe is determined to Make This Work without traumatizing either his boyfriend or his dad before the night's over. he's got this.
....has his bed always been this squeaky?

shenanigans ensue. up to author whether they actually bang or not. get as cracky as you'd like!


Kylo/Vader, incest, sex toys, dirty talk

(Anonymous) 2016-05-25 07:17 pm (UTC)(link)
For Round 2, filled here

Hux/Kylo Ren voyeurism

[personal profile] saltandlimes 2016-05-26 02:47 am (UTC)(link)
Kylo likes to project his consciousness and observe Hux's dreams/follow him down as he nods off, and has been doing so consistently for as long as he's been on the Finalizer. Only this time Hux isn't going to script and going to sleep. He's getting himself off.

fill at

Hux X Kylo- Filthy "Impregnating the prisoner" roleplay.

(Anonymous) 2016-05-26 03:37 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Even though Kylo can't get pregnant, he and Hux enjoy roleplaying that Kylo is a captured Resistance agent and that Hux will only let him go after he impregnates him in order to show the people on Kylo's side just how eager he is to spread his legs for a First Order general.

+Lots of dirty talk about how fertile Kylo is and how pregnancy will change his body.
++Hux says something along the lines of "what will they think when they see that you've come home a knocked-up whore?"
+++Kylo begs for Hux's seed.

eralkfang: (Default)

Re: Hux X Kylo- Filthy "Impregnating the prisoner" roleplay.

[personal profile] eralkfang 2016-05-27 11:11 pm (UTC)(link)

Tell that to Kanjiklub [Complete] - Hux/Kylo, Hux/OMC, Hux/Tentacles, noncon dubcon murder

(Anonymous) 2016-05-26 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Ben(or Kylo)/Hux, Hux/OMCs, Power Bottom!Prison Queen!Hux
Because Hux seems to be the sort of person who is in power/who will go down fighting no matter the long/short stick he gets in life.
Instead of being exiled/executed/punished (for either war crimes in NR or failure in FO), he is incarcerated and turned into the prison whore due to his delicate/pretty appearance. Except the ex-General isn't going to take his disgrace lying down. Oh no, the Resistance/New Republic/FO is going to pay, even if he has to manipulate/charm/whore his way to do so.

Fill Part Last:
Hux's horrible adventures in jail.
Featuring a fire to set the plains alight. Also Kylo Ren's mating endeavours.

Hux/Kylo Ren, Ren steals Hux's comfort object

(Anonymous) 2016-05-26 06:11 am (UTC)(link)
promt at:

fill at:

Kylux. Hux thinks that Kylo is messing with his brain. He is not

(Anonymous) 2016-05-26 12:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Hux start falling for Kylo hard. The sex dreams, overwhelmed want to touchkissbite him you know all this,he start to think the guy is funny for crying outloud. So he came to very logical conclusion that Kylo is messing with his brain. And when he storm in Kylo chambers at night particularly shaken and yells on him "you proven whatever point you want to prove just stop". Kylo has no clue whats happening


Finn/Poe - Tales Apart (Fairy Tale AU) [3/?] - WIP

(Anonymous) 2016-05-26 04:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Any fairy tale where Poe is the snarky captured 'princess' and Finn as the knight in shining armour (maybe reluctant to be a saviour at first but then changed his mind). Fusions with Star Wars universe are also welcomed.

Rapunzel where Finn was tricked to climb the tower and saved the feisty trapped hot guy?

Little Red Riding Hood where Finn must have lightsaber fight with Big Bad Kylo Wolf to save Poe's virtue? (Poe just wanted to send some important map to Grandma Leia in peace, dammit)

Snow White where Kylo is the jealous stepbrother who use Force to poison the apple for poor innocent Poe?

Cinderella where Prince Finn tries to search all the kingdom to find the owner of the glass slipper, and finally found Poe who lives with his two jealous stepbrothers, Kylo and Ben?

Any tales.


Phasma/Hux, phasma makes hux feel dainty and he likes it

(Anonymous) 2016-05-26 07:00 pm (UTC)(link)

While out inspecting some part of Starkiller base, Hux takes a fall and ends up getting hurt. Pride dictates he grimly limp back under his own power, but Phasma doesn't have the patience for that nonsense. She sweeps him up off his feet and carries him bridal style. The thing is he's not a small man, really, and she picks him up easily. He tries very hard not to swoon.

+ Phasma knows

As Delicate as the Fallen Snow

Re: Phasma/Hux, phasma makes hux feel dainty and he likes it

(Anonymous) 2016-05-30 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
...there is no fill at the link.