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Fill: Colder Than the Moon (14/?), Kylo/Fem!Hux, Hux/M!OC

(Anonymous) 2016-08-03 08:43 am (UTC)(link)

Hux turns left out of her quarters and nearly collides with Kylo Ren. At least he has his mask on. She doesn't think she could bear to look him in the face. "Lord Ren. Excuse me, I must be on the bridge."

"I am needed there as well." Ren's ragged robes keep pace with her quick strides.

"Good. I'm glad you're where you're supposed to be." Hux consciously focuses on her datapad, flicking through her morning's mail. Two holos from Rog already? He must have not slept much. They're not marked priority, at any rate; they can't be that important.

"I see you jettisoned your fiance."

"I sent Colonel Zoller back to his duties, I didn't throw him out of an airlock."

"You don't wish to be around him?" Ren's helmet turns to face her. Hux doesn't look up; she can feel the weight of his attention on her. "You don't wish to lie in his arms, night after night?"

"I don't have time for these games, Ren. Colonel Zoller is assigned to another ship, under another commander. Removing him from his duties for sentimental reasons would be unacceptable. That is all."

"Nobody would have challenged you."

"It would have been unacceptable to me. Are we finished with this conversation?"

Ren is silent until they have almost reached the bridge. "Did you want to send him away from you, or from me?"

"Fine. So we're not finished." Hux slams her datapad down on the nearest console. "A moment in private?"


Dim bars of light slant across Ren's face; his helmet looks like a set of ethereal eyes, angry and empty. The old interrogation rooms had drains in them, for the blood; Hux likes to think that they've advanced past such barbarity. The right cocktail of drugs and visual stimuli can do more to crack a man's mind than all of the shiny, sharp interrogation droids in the world.

"You thought I would kill him, didn't you?" Ren sounds smug through the vocoder.

"My decision had nothing to do with you, your antipathy towards my fiancee, or your ridiculous outbursts--and what is your objection to Colonel Zoller, anyway?"

"He reeks of the Light."

It's not remotely the answer she'd expected. "The Force?"

"What other Light is there? He is suffused with it. It is in his nature."

"You're saying my fiancee is a Jedi." Hux rolls her eyes. "I am not that gullible."

A chuffing laugh from Ren. "I would have killed him already if he was. There is Light and Dark in all of us, and some more than others. Zoller is all Light. And you and your Order, you rely on the Dark Side to guide you--do you see why he's of no use to you?"

"He's a Hero of the Order. I think your point is invalid."

"He will betray you."

"If you're quite done accusing a Hero of the Order of treason, I think we're very done here."

"You doubt me."

"Very much so. I think you're jealous, and frankly, it's pathetic." Hux's throat tightens up; for a moment, she thinks it's Ren. She's never been on the receiving side of one of Ren's choking tricks. She's seen him do it to prisoners, seen Mitaka's bruises. "I was trying to simply be civil, and you seem to have taken it as some kind of encouragement. There is nothing between us. There never will be."

"Never say never, General."

Hux's fingernails bite into her palms. Games, she tells herself, stupid little head games for dominance. She doesn't have the time for it, she can't afford it. "What do you think would happen if you killed Rog? What do you really think would happen?"

"He would be dead," Ren says, like it's obvious. "Probably bisected."

"And after that," Hux says. Ren is silent, breathing. "Well? Do you think I'd suddenly fall into your arms? Ren, do you think that's the kind of person I am?"

Ren raises his hand. Hux braces herself, sucks in air. But there's no squeeze around her throat, no broken glass in her lungs, just Ren's hand curling in on itself and something smooth and warm stroking her cheek.

"Are you afraid of me?"

No, no, no, no, no. Hux feels her body split within itself, like a glitching holo. Her bones stumble backwards, muscles freezing up. She forces her hand up to her face and feels herself smacking Ren's hand away, sees the shower of red-white sparks where they connect; she sees her arm hanging by her side, as stiff with fear as the rest of her, hand shaking with adrenaline and too unsteady to hit anything at all. It's over in a moment, gone like fireworks.

Hux is alive, but her lungs still feel like they've had the life squeezed out of them; every breath is broken glass. It's the adrenaline, the wash of shock throughout her system. She's never done well with that sort of thing, the aftermath of excitement. Her traitorous legs wobble, and she puts a hand out to steady herself against the wall. At least Ren looks nonplussed, backing away from her like a cat sprayed with water. "Am I?" she rasps, trying not to let her shallow breaths show. "Read my mind. You can, can't you?"

Ren shakes his head slowly, hesitant, makes a sound that might be "No" or "Don't." Hux can't tell. There's blood singing in her ears, blood pounding in her veins.

"I know you can. You can get into people's minds." Hux barely notices the bite of her fingernails against her palms. "Tell me, Ren, was I ever really afraid of you?"

Ren's hand goes to his hip, where Hux knows he keeps his lightsaber. He doesn't draw it, but the threat is there. "What are you?"

Hux stares at him, breath cooling in her chest. The question doesn't seem to have any real meaning, any context. "What do you think I am?" She wanted to sound scornful, haughty. But it comes out broken somehow. What am I? What's happening? Why me?

"Tell Snoke nothing of this," Ren says at last. He stalks out of the interrogation room, ragged cloak swirling behind him.

Hux counts to twenty-five and then leaves, determined not to dream of Kylo Ren that night. She does not dream of anything.
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FILL: Secondary Function

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Over on AO3:

I hope you like it!
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FILL: Maintenance Affairs

[personal profile] artemis10002000 2016-08-15 01:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you for this wonderful prompt, dear anon!

I'm filling it here on AO3, with one short chapter up so far and another to come: Maintenance Affairs I hope this is what you had in mind :)

[Fill] Everyone Needs a Little Spacr [4/5]

(Anonymous) 2016-08-26 12:29 am (UTC)(link)
I have no real reason as to why this took 4 months. But here is the next chapter and the last one shouldn't take nearly as long This one is less silly than the other chapters have been. Sorry v.v


Something was up with Hux, Kylo could tell this even without having the Force. The General was an impenetrable wall of calm as of late. Though Hux had never been an emotional man. Ren would have thought the death of his cat would have had some effect on his emotional stability. Despite the creature's death, Hux seemed almost serene. It was especially odd in the face of recent desertions of several of the Finalizer’s crew. They were down several petty officers including Thanisson and Unamo. Two Lieutenants, Rodinon and Mitaka. Several Stormtroopers. Worst of all was still the loss of Captain Phasma.

Kylo didn't understand just how Hux could be so calm with all the chaos that was going on. Especially when he'd blown up so when Phasma disappeared.

Worse still, he hadn't yelled at Kylo once during the last three weeks, even in the wake of Kylo's temper tantrums; or so Hux tended to label them.

Even Hux's daily speeches on restoring order to the Galaxy were suffering. They lacked their usual passion, vigour and megalomaniac qualities.

Kylo just knew that something was up and he was determined to get to the bottom of it.
Unfortunately Hux had undergone training by Supreme Leader Snoke to guard against Force suggestion. All Kylo was able to get was the name of a space dating sight and something about a dark pilot. It wasn’t much to go on but Kylo Ren was not a quitter. (Jedi training not included in that statement.)

Discovering which dating program Hux was using was simple. Many of the crew members on the Finalizer seemed to be using it or at least thinking about it often. It was nothing for Kylo to pluck the thoughts from their minds while he was in their vicinity.

Thus Kylo Ren joined Spacr under the username matt_tech. Kylo was excited to be using his Matt the Radar Technician persona once again. It had been some time since he'd used Matt for subterfuge. The first time he had done it things had gone so well.

Establishing an account and creating an online persona took little time. Finding this dark pilot was more difficult. It was only by accident that he stumbled across darkpilot228.

Kylo had been browsing through users when he came across a picture of a familiar cat, a cat that just happened to have apparently died lately. A glance through Hux's friends list led him to darkpilot228. The man, if his user image was anything to go by, was obviously a pilot given that he was wearing a bright orange flight suit in the picture, his face was not visible. If this was the right man his position as a pilot would allow him to travel easily to have met up with the various crew members of the Finalizer prior to their forsaking of the First Order.

Feeling himself grinning beneath his mask, Kylo sent the man a friend request and offer to chat. Soon he would have the man right where he wanted him, with a lightsaber through his chest, and everything would be back to normal.

Unfortunately Kylo didn’t account for the fact that the man was absolutely charming and deceptively easy to talk to. Soon enough Kylo was enjoying his exchanges with darkpilott228 and found himself looking forward to his downtime so that he could spend hours exchanging messages with him.

How was work today?

Kylo fights back a little smile at the message that darkpilot228 sent him before replying. He never gave specific details of what he did, the darkpilot228 know only that Matt was a radar technician on a large ship.

My boss was angry today, I received a bit of a dressing-down

That much was true, Supreme Leader Snoke was not happy about the news of the mass desertions on the Finalizer. Hux had taken the majority of Snoke’s wrath and had done so with a stony face, merely promising to put a stop to it as soon as possible. Somehow Kylo doubted he would, not when he was barely addressing it outside of warnings about what would happen should anyone be caught. He knew Hux wasn’t a traitor but didn’t think the General was as loyal as he used to be either.

Sorry to hear; I hope it wasn’t too bad.

It was worse for my co-worker, he’s the one who was more responsible for the issue.

Good for you but bad for him I guess. Hopefully the problem is resolved soon.

I’m getting to the bottom of it, I think I’ve almost found what caused it.

That much was true, but he wouldn’t let darkpilot228 know that he was the one Kylo suspected.

If anyone can fix it I know it’s you! You’re so smart Matt!

Kylo was not blushing, and even if he was anyone who saw him would have their memories wiped of the image. Why anyone would enter Kylo’s personal quarters in the first place was not considered

Thanks /// and I hope so. I have an early day tomorrow so I will message you later. Goodbye.

Sleep well and pleasant dreams ;)

He was most assuredly not falling for the man’s charms. He was not weak like Hux and the others.


Two months speaking to darkpilot228 and Kylo was ready to go into for the kill, he had been given an excuse to go planet side for a personal mission and Hux had not batted an eyelash at the request, only told him not to bother him when he was busy.

(There was less spite and fire in that voice than usual. Kylo would never admit it out loud but he missed the verbal spars he used to have with Hux.)

Kylo rented an apartment in the Middle City for his time on the planet, and he eagerly told darkpilot228 about it, giving him the address in hopes that they could meet. To keep anyone fro discovering his plan, Kylo took his own ship and once he was well away from the Finalizer donned the disguise of Matt the Radar Technician before he landed on the planet.

Given that he truly does have business on the planet, Kylo sees to this first, assassinating the Supreme Leader’s enemies always gets him in a good mood. He also retrieves several items from a notable collector of Jedi and Sith artefacts. The man’s usefulness means that he gets to live, but Kylo makes sure he doesn’t remember that he was visited by Kylo Ren.

He sends another message to darkpilot228 after his business is concluded and invites him to the apartment.

I can’t wait to see you ;) I’ll be there in two days time!

Kylo tries not to gloat, too much, and he sends back a quick Can’t wait to see you! Everything is going according to plan.

Two days later Kylo waits in anticipation for the knock at the door that will signal his guest has arrived. He’s fully dressed as Matt the Radar Technician, including the large glasses. It’s not until shortly after mid day that there’s a knock at the door and Kylo has to push down the thrill of excitement that runs through him, soon he will get down to the bottom of the First Order defections and Hux’s odd behaviour.

Putting on a carefully nervous smile, he goes to the door and opens it.

“Hi Matt!” Kylo was not expecting he voice of darkpilot228 to be so familiar to him, he’s even more surprised when he looks down into the big brown eyes of Poe Dameron. He isn’t sure whether to be surprised or laugh because of course, if anyone was charismatic enough to sway members of the First Order away from their posts it would be the beloved ace pilot of the Resistance.

Keeping his reactions hidden, Kylo forces a shy smile to his face. “Hi darkpilot, I’m really glad you could make it. . . i-it’s great to finally meet you.” He steps aside to let Poe in, watching the smaller man as he passes by him. Poe is dressed in dark clothes, Kylo’s not sure he’s ever seen him wear black before, it looks really good on him, particularly the tight black sweater that seems to hug him everywhere, accentuating his waist in a way that makes Kylo wonder if he could wrap both his hands around it.

“You can just call me Poe.” Poe seems to have no issues using his real name, it’s unwise of him. Kylo can’t help but wonder if he’s grown so cocky that he knows any First Order members that contact and meet with him will also defect.

Closing the door, Kylo is unsure of what to do for a moment before remembering how his mother always offered tea to her guests. “Would you like a drink?”

Poe shakes his head, reaching out and catching Kylo’s hand in his own. “You look tense Matt. Why don’t we go sit down and I can give you a massage. I mean with how hard you work, you deserve it.” He paused looking up at Kylo. “You might have to sit on the floor, you’re really tall, but we can put pillows down for you to sit on.”

Kylo hesitated; he wasn’t sure if he wanted Poe to touch him, at he same time though a massage would likely feel really good. “Alright. . .”

When Poe smiled brightly up at him, Kylo’s heart most certainly did not skip a beat in the wake of Poe’s smile. “You get comfortable, and I’m gunna go find some oil or cream. I’m not expecting you to take your shirt off or anything, but it does feel nice.”

The way Poe spoke made Kylo feel reassured, nodding he set about making himself a nice little nest of pillows and then made himself comfortable there.

“I found a hairbrush in there, I love having my hair brushed so I figured you might like the same.” Poe is smiling so brightly that it make Kylo almost weak kneed, good thing he was sitting.

He’s glad that he died his hair instead of the wig this time, in truth he really enjoyed having his hair brushed. “Thank you I-I’d like that.”

Poe settles on the bed behind Kylo and it’s not long before Kylo is practically melting into him. “Your hands are like heaven, by the Force.” Why had Poe ever become a pilot! If Kylo had known about the magic of his hands he might never have joined the dark side. “Ooooh right there.” He moans as Poe found a particularly sore spot at the base of his neck.

“You weren’t lying about your job being stressful.” Poe says as he works the spot, until Kylo feels the muscles loosen up there. “Your boss must be a real jerk.”

Kylo hums in agreement. “He’s been really stressed lately, but my uh that feels nice, my I guess supervisor has been better than normal, so that’s been good.”

“That’s good to hear.” After awhile Poe stops the massage, “You’re about as relaxed as you can get, why don’t we move to your hair?”

Kylo only nods and Poe sets about brushing Kylo’s hair and humming as he does. It’s almost enough to lull Kylo to sleep. He relaxes against Poe, enjoying the way the brush moves through his hair. In some ways it reminds him of when he was young and his mother used to do this for him. Surprisingly that doesn’t make him as angry as it normally would have.

“I like your hair, it’s nice.” Poe says his humming coming to a stop as he speaks. “You look good as a blond Ben.”

Seconds after the words are out of Poe’s mouth, Kylo is moving; he quickly has Poe on the bed, pressing him into the mattress with a hand around his throat. “How did you know?”

Poe doesn’t seem at all worried about their current position. “We grew up together Ben; of course I would recognize you. I even knew who you were when we first again back on Jakku. You know when you had me tortured and ripped the maps location from my mind.”

“I had thought you would be more broken up after what I did, I was not gentle.” Kylo’s grip on Poe’s neck loosens slightly.

Poe looks up at Kylo from where he’s being pinned to the bed, he doesn’t seem at all afraid. "Does that disappoint you?"

". . .not as much as it should." Kylo admits, pulling away to let Poe up. “So I was right about you luring the members of the First Order away. How did you do it? Even General Hux. . .”

There’s a fond smile on Poe’s face at the mention of Hux, “Ari is great, we talked about Millie and we’re still talking almost every night. I send him updates about her.”

Kylo huffs at that, “I knew his story about her having died was false, even Hux could not be so nonchalant about the death of his beloved pet.”

“Yeah, she’s been sleeping in my room back on base. She and BB-8 get along swimmingly.” Kylo chuckles at the though.

Things are quiet between them after that, the two men study each other searching for what Kylo doesn’t know. It’s Poe who breaks the silence though. “Come home with me Ben, you can do so much good working with us. The First Order is failing and even then it wasn’t going to bring balance to the Galaxy like they claimed.”

In truth Kylo never cared much for the First Order, what was important to him had always been being more like his grandfather and becoming stronger. Snoke had promised both these things and not delivered. The death of his father at his own hands had made him feel weaker. Besides if Snoke was considered one of the strongest Force Users in the Galaxy, then Kylo would be stronger for beating him (and hadn’t his grandfather thrown off the Emperor’s shackles to find redemption?)

“Alight, I’ll go back with you. . . maybe these Jedi and Sith artefacts I have with me will soften the blow of my punishment.”

Poe shakes his head, reaching over and giving Kylo a hug. “Your mom is just going to be happy to have you back. Everyone else will get used to you; they did for all the other strays I brought home.”

Kylo laughs weakly and returns Poe’s hug. “Alright, let’s go home them.”

Re: [Fill] Everyone Needs a Little Spacr [4/5]

(Anonymous) 2016-08-27 04:49 pm (UTC)(link)
I love this fic so much! So glad you updated <3

Re: [Fill] Everyone Needs a Little Spacr [2/5]

(Anonymous) 2016-08-28 02:35 pm (UTC)(link)
This is great! Phasma wants to be the one with the power, and when Hux doesn't give her the respect she expects, she's out of there. I like how you set this up - the connection between the problem that drives her away from the First Order and the solution that draws her toward Poe Dameron.

Re: [Fill] Everyone Needs a Little Spacr [4/5]

(Anonymous) 2016-08-28 04:01 pm (UTC)(link)
LOL, the way Poe says Ben's name, who's (supposedly) in a very heavy disguise, nonchalantly..

I love this story!
Is Poe going to just be a friend to them all? or lover? or just to one or two of them? or none? or all of them?
Can't wait for more!

[Fill] Everyone Needs a Little Spacr [5/5]

(Anonymous) 2016-08-30 07:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Last chapter of my first ever Star Wars fanfic. It feels like such a wild ride. I've written something like 35 other fanfics since this one. It's nice to have it done though =D


Poe sits back with a satisfied grin as he read his latest message from his favourite ginger. Now that Kylo Ren had abandoned Snoke and the First Order, the good General saw no point in remaining and he was bringing a group of people Poe had been speaking with over the last few weeks. The total is well over a hundred and even General Hux is surprised at the extent in which Poe has worked his influence.

The message also mentions just how much he misses his precious Millie and he hopes that Poe has been taking care of her. Poe chuckles and reaches over to scratch Millicent who is lying beside him comfortably; she begins purring as soon as he rubs her behind the ears. “Your daddy’s coming soon; betcha can’t wait to see him, huh?” Millie purrs louder at the question, butting hr head in to Poe’s hand.

Who knew creating a Spacr account would lead to what is looking to be the end of the First Order and possibly this war? Certainly not Poe, he’d only created the account after losing a bet to Pava, she’d only wanted to see how many creeps would message him. Neither of them counted on some of the messages he got, especially from horribly repressed members of the First Order. Most of them didn’t even want anything but to talk to someone who was willing to listen to them.

Poe was nothing if not a good listener, and yeah maybe he was a little talkative at time but that only seemed to make him more endearing to the people who sent him messages.

Of the people that Poe has recruited from the First Order, the stormtroopers are already integrating well with the Resistance under the guidance of Finn who is now a Major. Lieutenant Mitaka kept his rank and is now serving as General Organa’s aid, a roll he seems quite suited for and appears to enjoy. Former stormtrooper captain Phasma kept her word about refusing to join the Resistance, but is causing trouble for pirates and other unsavoury people who may try to interfere with the Resistance. General Hux is only now coming to the Resistance, bringing people and supplies. Kylo Ren has joined Rey in her training under Luke Skywalker and is trying to learn to undo some of the damage he has done and that was done to him by Snoke.

All in all things are really looking up for the Resistance. Poe doesn’t care how much teasing he is getting from the others about seducing their enemies to the good side, it’s all been worth it. Poe’s always believed that a good fighter uses all his weapons to their greatest extent, and his charm just happens to be one of the greatest weapons in his arsenal.

His comm beeps to let him know that he’s been summoned to the Command Hub, letting them know that he’ll be right there, Poe prepares to go. A new alert on his datapad has him pausing and opening the Spacr app; there’s one new message.

SprmLdrSnoo would like to be friends!

Well it looks like his job isn’t quite over yet. Accepting the friend request, Poe sets his datapad down and heads to his meeting. He’s not expecting anything to come out of a conversation with this new online friend, but hey stranger things have happened.

Re: [Fill] Everyone Needs a Little Spacr [5/5]

(Anonymous) 2016-09-02 02:46 pm (UTC)(link)
I kinda wish we could see what happen to Poe's interaction with Snoke (a.k.a SprmLdrSnoo, lol)

Re: Fill: blind and deaf Kylo, past noncon, treason

(Anonymous) 2016-09-02 05:56 pm (UTC)(link)
This is beyond brilliant. XD

Re: [FILL] Slave Kylo + Han bonus Kylux

(Anonymous) 2016-09-02 07:20 pm (UTC)(link)
[fans self] Why, I do declare this fic rocks quite majorly. XD

Re: Fill: Baby Boy [Finn and Poe GEN, with sideline Finn/Poe]

(Anonymous) 2016-09-02 07:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Aww, this is so sweet. ^_^

Re: Poe accidentally kidnaps Millicent

(Anonymous) 2016-09-02 07:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Millicent in a pilot jacket. That is freaking precious. XDD

Re: gen or Finn/Poe - Poe Dameron, most kidnapped man in the galaxy

(Anonymous) 2016-09-05 04:37 am (UTC)(link)
Hey! telekinetic_hedgehog here, just wanted to let you know that the fic is complete (in case anyone here doesn't read WIPs). Thanks for the great idea; I hope you like the result, because I've sure had a ton of fun!

Re: [Fill] Everyone Needs a Little Spacr [5/5]

(Anonymous) 2016-09-12 07:30 pm (UTC)(link)
This is still one of my fave SW fics. :) Love the ending.

Re: Fill: Snap/Poe fighter groupies 3/3

(Anonymous) 2016-09-14 02:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow. Thanks, anon! Business meetings are going to be rough today, with all this in mind. Best.

(Fill) Darkness and Starlight

(Anonymous) 2016-09-17 02:57 am (UTC)(link)
Admission: I completely and totally ripped this from the InfoSites summary on Hades and Persephone. (

Hades Takes a Wife: Persephone

Once upon a time, a woman walked the plains of existence whom brought balance to the Force. Raised in the scorched and forgotten lands of Jakku, she followed the path of her ancestors and marched into a war against Light and Dark. Rey, the daughter of sun and sky, was an innocent maiden, a scavenger who loved to play in the fields where the sands devoured time.

The Force had other designs for Rey: Kylo Ren would steal her innocence and light, transforming her into the dreaded goddess of the Dark Side.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Kylo Ren, commander of the Knights of Ren, fell in love with Rey and desired her as his bride. His obsession with the woman was spurred forward by the disapproval of his companion Hux. Hux warned Kylo Ren that neither Snoke nor Luke would ever approve of their union, for Snoke would discard Kylo Ren in favor of devouring Rey’s Light, and Luke would not want his apprentice seduced by the darkness. To Hux’s dismay, Kylo Ren resolved to abduct the maiden.

Rey was running; gathering her thoughts one day on Takodana. Kylo Ren suddenly appeared, thundering across the sky with his white-clad fleet. The Knight swooped down upon Rey, scooped her up with one arm, and literally swept her off her feet -- leaving the grass scattered with blossoms of blood and petals of shrapnel as he carried her across the literal and figurative threshold.

The abduction happened so swiftly that none of Rey’s companions could defend her. The sky opened up before Kylo Ren’s chariot and the Knight led a carbon-kissed fleet out into space. As Kylo Ren and Rey disappeared into the sky, a hole sundered into the lives behind them; their ray of hope stolen.

The Long Winter of Her Discontent

Leia soon came to collect her fleet, but could not find a trace of Rey or Kylo Ren. Distraught and desperate, Leia searched high and low for hints of the First Order’s designs. Leia was a fury; ordering attendants and recon missions to outposts and shipyards, commands flying from her like a magnetic storm in the harbor.

Finally able to approach the General, the exiled soldier Finn told Leia that Rey had been carried away. The Resistance went to Han, king of the skies, who saw everything that happened on Takodana. Han told Leia what had happened, but also tried to persuade Leia that Kylo Ren -- their son and leader of the Knights of Ren -- was not the man they remembered.

Leia refused to accept Kylo Ren’s decisions as his own, and enraged by the news of Rey’s abduction, she refused to return to the Republic. Instead she doubled her efforts to uncover the First Order’s plans, recruiting her followers into a Resistance dedicated to stopping the First Order.

After witnessing the destruction a continued war would herald, Han realized that if he allowed Leia to persist, all of the Republic would starve -- leaving no one to honor past debts made to the gods of luck and good bounties. Han sent a handful of trustworthy aids and droids to convince Leia to return to Hosnian Prime and restore stability to the Republic.

But Leia refused to budge until her son stood by her side. Han had no choice: he relented, promising to bring Kylo Ren back to his mother.

The Renewal of Spring

Finn, emboldened by Han, raced to the Starkiller Base to rescue Rey. Kylo Ren shrugged compliantly and agreed to let her go. Rey had not been touched by the First Order -- whether from respect or fear -- since her arrival on the Finalizer. But before she left, Kylo Ren tempted Rey with inclusion; he bridged their minds, and soon their lips, in an appeasement to the desperate search within herself. This act of misdirection did the trick: Rey faced the temptation of the Dark Side heart first and, by her own consent, made love to the Knight. Her fingers embraced his wartorn flesh, her heart twined with his in the eternal struggle of survival, and his darkness enveloped her light. She decided to remain with the First Order.

The rescue mission undone, Rey proposed a compromise that her admirers reluctantly accepted: Since she had tasted the fruit of the Dark Side, she would dwell part of every year with the First Order. Rey would spend six months as Queen of the First Order and the rest of the year with Leia’s Resistance.

After agreeing to the deal, Leia returned to the Republic with Rey in tow. Thus began a revival in the Force, where the Jedi Order grew and flourished under the thriving Republic. But when the time came for Rey to return to the First Order, the Republic’s ideals became colder and less fertile, reigniting the war between the Resistance and the First Order.

Since the abduction of Rey, spring and summer have given way to autumn and winter, and the galaxy’s political climate has followed the cycle of Jakku’s seasons. In the fall, seeds -- like the acceptance of the Jedi Order and the trade routes of the Republic -- are buried under the rubble of warships. But in the spring, Rey ushers the Force into the sun once more.

Queen of the First Order

Although she spent only half of her life in the First Order, little is known of Rey's life with the Republic after her abduction. Underground, however, she was revered ever after as the Goddess of the Dark Side. So feared was she that smugglers often invoked her name in curses.

Despite her forbidding image, Queen Rey did sometimes show a capacity for mercy. When Poe offered his own life in place his entire squadron’s, Rey sent them back from the First Order and spared them all. Rey also exhibited strong maternal feelings when Hux entrusted her with safeguarding his cat Milliscent. Indeed, she became so enamored of the creature that she refused to give him back. (Kylo Ren ultimately ruled that Milliscent would spend one third of his life with Rey, one third with Hux, and one third with whomever he wished.)

Rey had no children by Kylo Ren, but she remained faithful to him -- and saw that he remained faithful to her. When Kylo Ren attempted to seduce Hux, Rey transformed the nymph into a fragrant mint plant. Similarly, she thwarted her husband's attempt to seduce Mitaka by changing that nymph into a white poplar tree.

Kylo Ren returned the favor when Finn journeyed to the First Order in an attempt to abduct Rey and bring her back to D’Qar as his bride. When Finn arrived with his friend Poe and announced his intentions, Kylo Ren graciously offered the visitors a seat. The two sat down in the Oubliette Chairs: durasteel seats that entrapped their hosts and injected them with a serum that placed them in status. Though Poe was later freed by the Resistance, Finn remained in the First Order forever.

Re: Kylux - Palpatine's Legacy

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...Yeah that clone!fic was totally me. >:) I'm kind of riding the Palpatine train to hell right now, seriously. Fanfic grabbed me by the ovaries, so now I'm doing the clone!Palpatine thing. Like, a lot. Sorry for the late response, it's a bit tough to camp on these post anonymously...

LOLOL yeah Kylux is definitely Anakin/Vader reloaded (and with younger casting, though srsly screw ageism :P). I prefer Palpakin, but Kylux can be quite fun sometimes >:) They work their way into my fic on occasion...

I'm just getting up the nerve to write Prequel Trilogy!Palpatine too. Juuuust maybe getting a handle on that world, largely thanks to Darth Videtur's stuff.

I've been busy too...It's my last semester of grad school, and this is after several years as an overworked post-undergrad technically-an-adult :P TFA revived my thirst for this fandom, that's for damn sure.

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FILL: Give Me A Thousand Kisses

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I have filled this over here on AO3:

I hope you like it!

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I just found this and it's adorable!

[Fill] Luke/Poe

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Hope you'll like it :)

FILL: "align my heart" - Han/Ben, rough regret-filled sex

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Filled! Here you go, nonny:

align my heart

[Fill] Leia/Poe, What do you mean s/he's not your sex slave? (tw for roofies, dubcon)

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Hope you like it, it starts out as dub-con but then becomes very enthusiastically consensually

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Re: Finn/Poe or Finn/Poe/Rey established relationship - Poe shaves his legs sometimes

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This is a really old prompt, but what if Finn fucked Poe's shaved legs?