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[FILL] a vision in red 3/4

(Anonymous) 2016-01-26 09:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Hux clings tighter to him, wondering where the fuck everyone else is. He's left his comm. unit in his chambers, too distracted by must find Ren to remember it. Kylo's is smashed on the floor. The stormtrooper has nothing.

Kylo clocks him looking.

“I know what you're thinking. It won't work.”

“Why not? We just need to- to call one of the doctors and-”

“He's scrambled the signal, and the back up signal. It takes an hour to reboot, if anyone has even thought to do so. He's been at this for months, preparing. We- I should have known.”

He gasps wetly at the end of each sentence, like he's not getting enough air. He's probably punctured a lung.

“Shut up.” Hux spits. He could go an physically get someone, but that'd mean leaving and-

He chances lifting his hand from the wound and the steady glug of it begins again. He hasn't been helping a all, it hasn't slowed. At this point, a small, calm voice in his head points out, it'll probably only slow because there's not gonna be any left in him.

"You can't fucking die. You're not going to."

"It's okay."

"What about this is okay, you stupid,stupid-"

Hux presses his face into one of his hands and pinches the bridge of his nose.

"Don't get angry. It won't do anything."

Kylo's voice is oddly gentle, but resigned too.

"You can't do anything now." he murmurs, and wrenches his hand upwards to stroke through Hux's hair. He's streaking blood through it as he does. He cups the back of his head.

Hux tries not to cringe when a drop of blood drips from Kylo's finger and down the back of his neck. He wants to sob and shout, because Kylo shouldn't be so resigned. He's seen him injured from battle before, livid and bitter until he's recovered enough to fight for himself again. He should be like that.

He isn't.

“Can't you- can't you use the force or something?”

Kylo shakes his head and turns so he can rest his cheek over Hux's heart.

“That's not how it works- it's usually- it's so loud, in my head. I have to wrangle it all the time, and now- it's so quiet. It's so- it's nearly silent. Besides-”

He coughs and splutters and Hux can see the blood he's hacked up in the cracks of his teeth.

“Stop talking, you're making it worse-”

“-I need energy to control it-” cough. “-and. You're probably gathered, General, that I have none.”

Re: [FILL] a vision in red 3/4

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Re: [FILL] a vision in red 3/4

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...crying axolotl?

Re: [FILL] a vision in red 3/4

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oh my god more please?