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Re: Fill: The Rescue (3\?)

(Anonymous) 2016-01-24 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow, this is turning out to be much longer than I expected. (I haven’t even gotten them off the ship yet, urgh)

Kylo skims the surface of Hux’s mind, not just as a distraction from the pain but because he’s surprised at the worry and kindness he senses. He’s not used to someone feeling genuine concern over him and the sensation warms him, even if it is from Hux. Hux is careful and gentle and Kylo relaxes because it’s so nice to be cared for, to have someone help him when he’s hurt. The sudden flashes of anger and disgust are unpleasant, disrupting his attempt at calm and Hux leaves so fast afterwards, as though he can’t bear to be around Kylo anymore. That hurts too but he’s too tired to figure out why and falls into an uneasy sleep instead.

Hux returned to the cockpit, unable to face Ren again, not when he couldn’t keep the images of that abused body out of his head. He was convinced he had done the right thing by getting Ren out of there but his surety wasn’t going to help them stay out of the grasp of the First Order. Hux needed a proper plan, which was fortunately one of his strengths, and he needed it before the ship dropped out of hyperspace and could be tracked again. He frowned at the controls in front of him, the beginnings of an idea formulating. Ditching the ship was the best first move, hopefully selling it off and earning enough to buy another less-noticeable one. If not, Hux might have to resort to stealing a ship, though that carried the danger of yet more people hunting them.

They couldn’t stay on the planet though, Hux had already dismissed that as an option, they would be far too easy to find and have nowhere to run. He crossed his arms, idly tapping his fingers as he thought. They would be easy to find, and not just because of the obviously First Order ship, it was entirely possible a bounty had already been placed on their heads. If holos and descriptions of them were circulating they would have to disguise themselves somehow while on the planet.

Hux wondered if Ren was in any condition to assist him if necessary, physical activity was most likely out of the question but what about the Force? The only way he would get an answer to that was to ask Ren directly and he glanced almost guiltily over his shoulder. He couldn’t see the room Ren was in from here but he felt the presence of the other man as a weight on him. It had been cowardly to run from Ren like he had, he knew that, but Hux had never been particularly good at analysing his own feelings. And now was not the time or the place to start, he warned himself. Where had he been? Right, disguises, possibly there was something on the ship that could be useful, Hux pried himself from the chair and went to take a thorough inventory.

Hux was now positive his luck was the bad kind, this ship had been in the process of being restocked when he had stolen it and it lacked several basic amenities. He was rather inclined to thank some sort of deity that there had been a complete medkit because there was very little else. Certainly nothing that would aid in concealing their identities. At least a few food rations were still present and as Hux pulled them out to check his stomach made a frankly embarrassing noise. He poked at the rations in disgusted fascination, choosing one to gnaw on. It tasted even worse than it looked but he resolved to choke it down anyway, no sense in being hungry. Hux’s thoughts strayed to Ren once more, he gazed at the food and sighed. He wouldn’t be able to avoid Ren forever and bringing food seemed like an acceptable apology. Not that he needed to apologise, he reminded himself, he had gone to wash his hands, that was all.

Ren was huddled up in the blanket against the wall again when Hux arrived and he paused, unsure if Ren was awake at first. His eyes opened though and he gave Hux a puzzled look.

‘Do you want something to eat?’ Hux asked, holding the rations out. Ren blanched and shook his head and Hux dropped his hand to his side with a shrug.

‘Where are we?’ The voice sounded directly inside Hux’s head and he started, narrowing his eyes at Ren.

‘On a ship.’ He said, trying to be nice.

‘Obviously.’ He could hear Ren’s derisive snort even though it wasn’t actually audible. ‘Which ship? Why?’

The question surprised Hux. ‘You don’t remember?’

‘Remember what?’ Ren snapped impatiently.

‘Snoke raped you.’ The word cut into his tongue as he said it.

Ren flinched but his eyes were challenging. ‘So?’ His tone was flippant and Hux ground his teeth. No one else could get Hux riled up over, well, anything, quite like Ren.

‘What do you mean, so.’ He bit the word off.

‘When did you start giving a shit about me?’ Ren’s voice in his mind was an angry hiss but his face was closed off and unreadable.

Hux was about to unleash an equally angry retort but suddenly he just didn’t have the energy to spare on a fight, not when he had so many other things to worry about. ‘I don’t know.’ He admitted honestly, running his free hand through his hair, and he must have been tired because for some reason he kept talking. ‘But I couldn’t just leave you there, I had to make him stop hurting you, I needed to-’ Keep you safe, protect you. Hux managed to stop himself before the rest of the sentence came out. Sounding like half a fool was better than a complete one.

Ren stared at him, horror in his eyes and his voice. ‘What have you done, Hux?’

‘I shot him, carried you to a ship, stole it.’ Hux said matter-of-factly. ‘We’re fugitives.’

Ren’s face went slack in shock. ‘ did that for me?’ His mental tone was awed, hopeful even.

Hux’s first instinct was to snap back that he would have done it for anyone, a lie to piss Ren off, but he couldn’t make himself be that cruel, not when Kylo still looked like an abused child. He didn’t want to have this confusing conversation anymore and he tossed the rations onto the cot before leaving. ‘Eat something if you want, we’ll be landing soon.’

Hux swore when he realised he was fleeing Ren’s presence yet again. What was wrong with him, every time he got near the man he started having feelings and he didn’t like it. Yes, you do, whispered a traitorous part of his mind and he swore more to drown it out. He would not be distracted, his plans weren’t fully complete and it could mean both their lives if he wasn’t prepared. That thought was enough to assist him in regaining his focus and he continued his search around the ship, hoping in vain that he had missed something useful the first time around. Of course he hadn’t, he wasn’t a man who missed much, but it occupied his mind temporarily.

Hux was crouched on the deck, rummaging in a storage compartment when he heard uneven footsteps behind him. He spun around quickly, startled, coming face to blanket-covered groin with Ren. The blanket did nothing to hide the bruises and abrasions on Ren’s legs and Hux winced at the sight as he stood.

‘Should you be up with your injuries?’ It came out harsher than he had meant it to.

Ren bristled at the tone. ‘I do know how to heal myself.’

That was a relief and some of the heaviness in Hux’s stomach ebbed away. Ren was gripping the doorframe hard though despite his words and Hux wondered if he could stand unaided. ‘Maybe you should be in bed healing yourself then.’

Ren sneered at him, the expression made even uglier by his split lips. He sagged against the doorframe, dropping his head and if Hux hadn’t been so afraid to touch him he would have leaped forward to hold Ren. ‘I was looking for the shower.’ He sounded dejected.

‘There isn’t one.’ Hux said helpfully.

‘Well, I know that now.’ Ren was irritated enough that he raised his head again to glare at Hux. ‘What about clothing? You find any of that?’

‘No.’ Hux ran his gaze across Ren, the blanket really didn’t cover much and he was going to have to leave the ship. ‘Tie the blanket around your waist and you can wear my jacket.’ Hux suggested, rather reasonably he thought.

Ren rolled his eyes. ‘I’ll look ridiculous.’

‘No more than usual.’ Hux shot back. And here they were arguing again, Hux held up a hand in appeasement. ‘I shouldn’t have said that, I don’t want to fight. We have much bigger concerns to focus on right now.’

Ren seemed about to continue arguing but finally he nodded. ‘I’m guessing you have a plan then?’

‘Enough of one. How well can you use the Force? I need to know if I can factor that into my plans.’

‘You can’t. I can’t.’ Ren’s mental voice was soft. ‘It hurts too much, he- he was in my head and it hurt.’ The last word was a wail of pain and Hux winced and closed his eyes as the noise reverberated in his skull.

When he opened them again Kylo’s hands were tangled in his hair, pulling hard at the strands, shaking his head as if to dislodge something. ‘Stop, Ren.’ Hux didn’t want to grab at him, especially now that he had dropped the blanket but he was causing himself pain. ‘Kylo, stop.’ Hux reached out, grasping Ren’s hands, prying his fingers out of his hair gently. Kylo stared at Hux with wild, lost eyes then collapsed against him, the weight staggering Hux and sending them both to the deck. His knees hit hard but Hux ignored the sharp pain, more concerned with Kylo. He was still holding onto Kylo’s hands and was about to drop them when Kylo started to cry, unexpectedly burying his face in Hux’s chest. Hux released his hands and Kylo wrapped his arms around Hux, clinging to him, nails digging into his back even through his shirt. He tentatively placed his arms around Kylo in return, being very careful not to rub against the welts on his back. Hux wasn’t a particularly sympathetic or tender man even at his best but that fierce protectiveness was surging up in him again, overwhelming his thoughts. ‘I will never let anyone hurt you again.’ He promised, meaning every word, and held Kylo while he wept.

Re: Fill: The Rescue (3\?)

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 12:09 am (UTC)(link)
This is heartbreaking and I love every word of it aghhh. Poor Ren. You're dealing with his trauma so well.

Re: Fill: The Rescue (3\?)

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 12:34 am (UTC)(link)
Oh god. Right in the heart.

Re: Fill: The Rescue (3\?)

(Anonymous) 2016-01-28 01:47 am (UTC)(link)
The feeeels, they burns us, precious! I look forward to more of this.

Re: Fill: The Rescue Ao3 link

(Anonymous) 2016-01-29 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
I will be continuing this on Ao3

Re: Fill: The Rescue Ao3 link

(Anonymous) 2016-02-03 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
Bookmarking to read later.