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[FILL] a vision in red 2/4

(Anonymous) 2016-01-22 11:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Hux scrambles to him, knees skidding in it. Around the corner from the bed there's a body. An unmasked stormtrooper in a crumpled heap. There's a seared shut wound on his throat and a crude, blunt staff in his lax fingers. One end is covered in shards of folded metal, red with blood.

"No, no, don't move." he says, and his voice is shaking uncontrollably.

He yanks his gloves off and hauls Kylo so that he's half laid in his lap. He makes a raw yelp from the movement of it.

"Sorry, sorry." he whispers, swallowing down a retch as he feels the blood begin to seep through his trousers.

His eyes scan Kylo's body, trying to see where he's hurt worse. There's a cut high on his cheek bone and two fingers on his right hand certainly aren't laying right – but god, his chest. There's a jagged, circular hole that corresponds with the jagged end of the staff smashed straight through his ribs. He can see a fragment of bone.

He needs to do something. He tries to think basic first aid, but what good is that? Slapping a bandage on this just isn't going to cover it.

“Okay, okay-” he mutters to himself. He needs to prevent further blood loss. Stem the flow.

Before he can think twice he presses a hand to the wound.

Kylo screams.

Hux heaves again.

"He got me." Kylo says, and Hux wants to laugh hysterically because yeah, that much is obvious.

"Yes, and you got him. He's dead, you're not. You still won."

Kylo shakes his head.

"I didn't."

"You did, you're alive." Hux murmurs, and peels the hair matted to Kylo's cheek away. He's breathing so shallowly. He leans their foreheads together and Kylo pushes weakly towards the contact.

"I'm not- not for much longer-"

"Don't fucking say that!" Hux spits.

"It's true." Kylo says, and flails his hand until he can grab onto Hux's arm and draw closer.

Even through his shirt, he can feel how icy cold his fingers are.

(Hux remembers when he stayed the night in his room, waking up when Kylo'd rolled over in bed to press against his back. Hux'd been half-concious and sinking further into the quilt, perfectly happy to nod of again, when Kylo had pushed his t-shirt up and pressed hands on his stomach. He remembers shrieking in a manner quite unsuitable for a general. He remembers Kylo being completely unapologetic about it, smiling. A rare moment of softness.)

Kylo tries to take a deep breath and whines.

Re: [FILL] a vision in red 2/4

(Anonymous) 2016-01-26 12:42 am (UTC)(link)
OP here, I'm going to cry if he dies ;____;