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Re: Han/Leia - FILL: let the lady work

"But I'm good with my hands." He can't see her through the fabric but he can tell Leia isn't listening to him. She's better at tying knots than any princess has got any right to be. "I know - for a fact! - that you like it when I use my hands."

"I also like it when you shut up," Leia says and slides her index and middle finger between his lips. Han parts his mouth, since she's asking so nicely and all, but she only slides the two fingers further in. He licks and sucks on them, and doesn't bite. Her hands are always so clean.

She slides wet fingertips down his chin, across his chest. At this point, Han would welcome pain over this soft fluttering torture. He opens his mouth to tell her this - and a couple of other things too - but she kisses him deeply. Her hand keeps moving down, under his loose white shirt, but then it starts moving back up again and Leia pulls away.

"Why are you doing this?" He's whining, but that's appropriate for the situation.

"It was your idea," she says, sweet as sugarfoam. "You even got the handcuffs."

"Yeah, for you. Because you're so in charge all the time."


"And the magazines said you might like a break from it."

Leia laughs. Han wishes he was allowed to see her. "The magazines?"

"In the - well, remember that expensive haircut you made Luke get? Anyway. I thought you'd like it."

"I am in charge all the time," she agrees, and moves back in for a kiss. "And I like it that way."

Han makes some sort of noise and then he's kissed again. He stops pulling at the restraints. He rests his head back and feels her hand in her hair.

"Fine," he says, and it's not a whine anymore, "show me what you've got."

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