Someone wrote in [community profile] tfa_kink 2016-01-18 07:10 am (UTC)

Hux/Poe - size-kink, dirty-talk (xeno, dub-con)

pretence: -For some reason Hux has to work with the Resistance-
Poe catches glance of naked Hux - and he is huge! Bigger than anyone Poe ever had. Maybe even alien genitalia with barbs or knots. And on the one hand, Poe wants to try it, but on the other hand - it is attached to, well, Hux.
Eventually Poe can't help it and approaches Hux who isn't quite thrilled to fuck a rebell scum, but Poe seduces him with dirtytalk about Hux' huge manhood and how it would wreck him(Poe). Sex happens.

++++afterwards Hux fingers Poe's loose hole and tell him how stretched it is and how no one ever would be able to satisfy him from now on.

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