Someone wrote in [community profile] tfa_kink 2016-01-18 03:33 am (UTC)

Poe/Finn Authority kink

It struck me upon seeing TFA for the second time that after Poe and Finn reunite, the first thing Finn says after they get their I love yous out of the way is "I need a favor" and just like that it cuts to Poe leading Finn right down to General Organa herself

Basically, Poe has a lot of push and sway with the resistance, and when Finn needs something he only has to go to Poe to get it

I'd like anything exploring this and how it sorta turns Finn on to have to simply mention Poe's name to be given things, or drag Poe with him places for Poe to get him in somewhere

Poe is bemused once he notices that Finn always seems turned on after Poe has pulled strings for him/done him "favors" but he's down with it if it gets Finn off

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