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Rey/Finn/Poe - fairytale/royalty au, h/c, pining, romance

Rey/Finn/Poe royalty/fairytale AU where Rey and Finn are a prince and princess who are betrothed to each other, (Finn from a very harsh and Spartan kingdom, Rey maybe in a vaguely Cinderella-type situation, she lived as a scavenger after being exiled by an evil regent, but then ascended the throne when the King Luke returned at last and claimed her as his daughter) and the match was arranged and neither of them expected to fall so IRREVOCABLY IN LOVE, and they are both just and kind leaders and the people of the kingdom adore them of course. Poe is their devoted and faithful knight and he is deeply, desperately in love with both of them, but he knows it is SO WRONG bc he is a combat veteran of common birth and is UNWORTHY of their sweetness and beauty, even though they never ever treat him like that, they treat him as an equal and dear friend and it’s killing him to be so trusted and close to them, but it is OUT OF THE QUESTION for him to be with them the way he wants, all he can give them is his unwavering loyalty and service and ferocious devotion to his duty. And of course in the line of that duty, he is (chooses to be somehow?) tortured or injured specifically for their sakes, and they rescue him and are so OVERWROGHT AND WORRIED AND DISMAYED. After, when he’s recovering and they ask him why he did the thing, he’s too overwhelmed by their concern to give them anything but the truth, that all he has to offer them is his life and his body for their sakes, and they decry this vehemently, and confess and insist that they love him, and then they all 3 make PAINFULLY GENTLE LOVE TO EACH OTHER and there are probably sex tears all around.

I realize there's a lot about Poe and his romantic agony there, bc that's what will get us to ot3, but honestly if you want to write mostly about Prince Finn and Princess Rey being taken from their familiar hardship and misery and thrust into royal life and being STUNNED by how kind and just genuinely GOOD the other is bc NEITHER OF THEM HAS EVER EVER EXPERIENCED THAT BEFORE THAT IS ALSO COMPLETELY FINE WITH ME. ALSO THEY CAN BE IN ROMANTIC AGONY OVER POE TOO, THAT IS ALSO A GOOD.

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