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[FILL] Rey/Finn/Poe, cunnilingus, voyeurism

[personal profile] stelleappese 2015-12-20 02:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Ok, this is the first time I write anything like this, I hope I did it properly /o\
(Also, formatting on DW confuses me, so I may mess this up :()
Poe and Rey are looking at him, and Finn feels like he’s about to take some sort of life-changing test. The fact he only has a towel around his waist, and Rey is completely naked, doesn’t make him feels as vulnerable as Poe being dressed.
“I’ll just be directing”, shrugs Poe, when Finn stares at him.
Rey looks so comfortable being naked. She’s just lying there, hands on her belly, legs overlapped, waiting.
“You know what to do”, says Poe, encouragingly, “And I’ll help out if you get lost.”
Rey does seem to be enjoying the whole thing. And anyway, all that practicing with Poe was supposed to help him do just this, so he can’t start screaming and run away. He can do this.
“All right”, he murmurs, sitting on the bed, pushing Rey’s legs apart.
And Rey reaches down, grabs a handful of his hair, and keeps him still.
“Patience”, says Poe, “It’s not a test. You’re supposed to enjoy this.”
“Come here”, says Rey, letting go of Finn’s hair and gently touching his face. Finn obeys, climbing on top of her and just squeezing her for a moment, pushing his face against her breast.
“There’s no need to go fast”, murmurs Poe, reaching out and running a hand through Finn’s hair. “Just cuddle first.”
“I can do that”, whispers Finn, relieved. Poe smiles at him.

He has been cuddling with both of them a lot, though when it came to Rey, there were always clothes involved. She’s softer than Poe in some places, just as rough in others. She tugs at Finn’s hair as she kisses him, but doesn’t try to roll them over and push him down on the mattress the way she usually does.
She spreads her legs, but just so that Finn can be more comfortable.
“What about kissing her elsewhere?”, asks Poe. Rey hums in agreement against Finn’s lips.
“Like…?”, murmurs Finn, breathless.
“No, not like that. Relax. Cuddles are important”, laughs Poe.
“Right. Cuddles. Of course”, whispers Finn.
He likes it when Rey bites at his neck, but maybe Rey doesn’t like that. He’s not sure what Rey likes people to do to her, she’s usually the one doing things to him, grabbing his wrists and pinning them over his head, grinning as she drags her teeth against Finn’s throat.
Finn kisses Rey’s neck, gingerly at first. He sucks a bruise against her skin, trying to be as gentle as possible, and judging by the way Rey’s fingers are playing with his hair, well, she doesn’t hate it. A bit encouraged by this, he moves down a little, still planting kisses against her skin. He gives Poe a hesitant look, then presses his open mouth around Rey’s nipple.
“Easy”, murmurs Poe, who’s now looking at Rey’s face instead of Finn. “Use your tongue.”
Right. Of course.
He starts tracing circles around her nipple with his tongue, slowly, carefully. She feels so nice, so soft. He sucks at it, and Rey groans and squeezes him between her legs a little.
She tries dipping a hand between them, but Poe murmurs something in her ear, and she nods. She grabs Finn’s hand instead, guides it down between her legs.
And this is new to him, he’s not sure what to do.
“Keep going”, says Poe, “Be gentle.”
So Finn keeps kissing and sucking, and he just softly pokes around between Rey’s legs. Is he supposed to push his fingers in? Touch her clit? What if he does it wrong?

Poe keeps whispering to Rey, and she just nods or shakes her head. He looks so focused…
“Try slipping your fingers in”, he says, “Like she did before. All right?”
Finn hums and obeys. She’s so impossibly warm and wet and soft, and Finn’s head spins a little. His erection pressing against the rough fabric of the towel is incredibly uncomfortable, but he ignores that.
“Spread your fingers a little, at first.”
Rey’s breath is starting to sound a bit shaky. When Finn looks up, she’s biting her lips, eyes stuck on him, her face flushed.
“Am I doing good?”, he asks, though he wasn’t even thinking about doing it.
She smiles at him, reaches down to cup his face with a hand. “Very good”, she says. Finn’s heart hops happily in his chest.
“Try crooking your fingers”, Poe suggest. Finn does, and Rey closes her eyes for a moment. He keeps moving, but he’s too enchanted by the look on Rey’s face to go back kissing her breasts.
“He can do it now”, she tells Poe, “But careful”, she adds, this time looking at Finn, who nods eagerly.
Still, he’s very interested in knowing what it would feel like to drag his teeth against the sensitive skin of Rey’s inner thigh, because when Poe does that to Finn, he feels like he’s going crazy; so he does just that and Rey lets out a tiny little ‘oh…’ that makes Finn’s cock throb and his heart jump in his throat.
He remotely hears Poe chuckle, but he’s too busy trying not to let his mind short-circuit as he looks at Rey’s pussy. He knows what to do. They’ve talked about it. It’s all good.
He leans in, runs his tongue flat against from the bottom of it up to Rey’s clit, feels Rey flinch a little.
“Be gentle”, says Poe, “Start slowly.”
Slowly. All right.
Finn tries licking at Rey’s clit, as delicately as he can. He doesn’t do it like when he’s sucking Poe’s cock, and his tongue is flicking sort of stiffly around the head of it, he keeps his tongue soft, rubs it against it oh so gently.
“Keep using your fingers”, says Poe.
“Yes, do that…”, murmurs Rey.
“And change rhythm from time to time.”
Finn pushes two fingers inside of Rey again, this time trying to move them in and out, too. He licks at the rest of her pussy, traps her labia between his lips for a moment, and Rey’s muscles contract around his fingers. She sighs a curse and reaches down, fingers gripping at Finn’s hair, but without trying to guide him or push him, just maybe to feel him there.
“Go back to her clit”, orders Poe. “Don’t stop until Rey tells you to stop.”
When he does that, when he presses his mouth against Rey’s clit again and gives is delicate suck, Rey swallows down a moan and pushes him down a little.
“Faster”, she says, and Finn obeys, head spinning furiously. She’s so warm against his tongue. She pulls at Finn’s hair, back arching up from the mattress, and Finn thinks maybe he’s being too enthusiastic again, maybe he’s hurting her, but when he moves up to look at Rey she moans a shaky: “Don’t stop!”

She’s breathing hard, now, moaning and whimpering a little, and Finn can’t believe he is doing this to her. She goes quiet, after a moment, after letting out a strangled little sob, he body whole body tensing, clenching down around Finn’s fingers. Then she relaxes, and Finn looks up at Rey, first, then at Poe.
She’s panting, eyes still closed, lips parted.
“Do you want him to stop?”, asks Poe, brushing a lock of hair off her flushed face.
“No”, she murmurs, opening her eyes and looking straight at Finn, “I don’t.”
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Re: [FILL] Rey/Finn/Poe, cunnilingus, voyeurism

[personal profile] salmon_pink 2015-12-21 04:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Mmm, delicious, from Finn's sweet desire to do well, to Poe's dark-eyed orders, to Rey's obvious pleasure. Loved it! <3
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Re: [FILL] Rey/Finn/Poe, cunnilingus, voyeurism

[personal profile] stelleappese 2015-12-21 04:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you so much! :DD

Re: [FILL] Rey/Finn/Poe, cunnilingus, voyeurism

(Anonymous) 2015-12-25 02:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow that was intense and perfect ! Love it :D

Re: [FILL] Rey/Finn/Poe, cunnilingus, voyeurism

(Anonymous) 2015-12-26 08:57 am (UTC)(link)
mmmmmmm, great job anon! sexy, warm and cuddly. perfect ot3