Someone wrote in [community profile] tfa_kink 2016-01-18 05:25 am (UTC)

Gen (no pairings) Kylo Ren whump (h/c)

BASICALLY, I'd like Kylo Ren extremely destroyed physically (not necessarily mentally), put in such a position that requires Rey, Finn, and Poe to help him. Reluctantly. Extremely reluctantly. As in, this is the last thing they want to be doing, but they are good people and do it anyway.

Special requests (basically, if you feel like including these details that'd be super amazing but they're optional): Han's still dead and Leia's not present.

As far as ships, none please. Platonic friendship is as good as gold, though!

Hux can be around if you want, as well~ Up to you.

Thanks! :)

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