Someone wrote in [community profile] tfa_kink 2016-01-18 03:03 am (UTC)

gen or Poe/Finn , longterm effects of Poe's interrogation

I've seen some fics about Poe experiencing PTSD, and those have all been fantastic. But I'd like to see something dealing with the potential trauma to his mind. Things like

- Short term memory loss. He tells Jessika to do something while they're flying, then five minutes later repeats the command even though it's already done, then gets agitated when Jess and Snap both insist he already gave that order only a few minutes before

- Sudden searing pains in his head that can cause him to stumble mid-step or double over with the pain, but are gone as quickly as they come

- Waking up at strange hours, not due to nightmares but because he can't make himself sleep, his body clock is almost beyond repair and he's going days at a time without sleep

- Uncharacteristic and/or compulsive behaviour, doing things that don't make sense, acting unusual with no apparent cause

- Mood swings, from his usual happy self to suddenly distant, snapping at people, or randomly breaking down in public

Anon likes happy endings but is okay with anything ^.^

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