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Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2015-12-19 11:26 pm (UTC)(link)
So, it turns out droids can get pregnant after all. Whoops!

Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2015-12-20 05:51 am (UTC)(link)
I feel like this meme went from 0 to 100 real quick with this one

second, out of blind curiosity

Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2015-12-20 10:18 am (UTC)(link)
i need this to exist in my life o.o

Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2015-12-20 01:33 pm (UTC)(link)
I've been trying to figure out a way how this would work, but... how would it work.

Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2015-12-20 02:21 pm (UTC)(link)
If the force can immaculate conception Anakin Skywalker, it can knock up a droid. The force is super mysterious and into implausible pregnancies.

Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg [fill]

(Anonymous) 2015-12-22 02:20 am (UTC)(link)
yo I got this. thank you to the anon who suggested The Force


Something about this time was different.

As Poe leans back and looks at his semen dripping out of BB-8's port, he can't get the thought out of his head. It just felt somehow more intense, like he was somehow fucking BB-8 deeper than before, that BB-8 was warmer inside.

--Did you feel that? BB-8 burbles.

"I did. That was fucking weird. Guess it's just adrenaline. It's been a long week."



In her bed, Rey dreams happy dreams for once. The images aren't clear, but she dreams of shared love, comfort, joy, family. She feels the power of the Force radiate out from her and reach her friends, touching them, blessing them. When she awakens she feels calm, and oddly...satisfied, as though she's accomplished something.

It must be another one of those odd Force things. She shrugs off the feeling and goes to wash her face.


He hasn't thought about it after that, even though he and BB-8 have had their customary pre-mission fuck session a few more times, but then Poe notices something weird when he's flying back to base from a field mission to retrieve supplies from a planet that supports the Resistance.

"BB-8, can you run the stats on the cargo again?" he asks. "We're losing fuel faster than we should be. Did someone give me bad numbers for the cargo weight or something?"

--Hmmmmm, BB-8 chirps. --Cargo seems fine to me, but you're right, our weight is off. I'll run an inspection when we're back on base.

In the hangar, BB-8 hops off the side of the ship and beeps with surprise. --Poe, the weight went back to normal.

"Get back up here," Poe says, laughing with surprise. "This is unreal." BB-8 extends a couple of cords and bungees back up onto the ship.

The scale ticks back above the red line.

"So it's you that gained a few pounds?" Poe says, still unable to stop laughing. He climbs out and picks up BB-8. And then he stops laughing. "Wait, you actually feel...rounder. It's weird. There's like…" he traces his hand around BB-8's middle. "A little bulge right here."

--That doesn't make any sense, BB-8 says, sounding worried.

"I'll go with you to the mechanic. We'll make sure everything's on the up-and-up." Poe pats BB-8 on the head. "You'll be okay, I promise."


The mechanic has the most puzzled look on her face when she's done examining BB-8.

"Poe, BB-8, I'm...not sure how to tell you this," she says. He feels his hands grow cold.

"Is it that bad?"

"Well, actually, it...I'll just get out with it. I've run these checks four times and there's only one explanation. Poe, you're going to be a dad."


Poe is determined to do the best damn job of this he can. You have to cling to family in these hard times, he reasons, when there's nothing else to hope for. Finn and Rey help him out, knitting cozies for the little droid that's on the way and helping him set up a nursery in the quarters he and BB-8 share. He's still absolutely terrified, but it's also completely exhilarating. It's just like the thrill of a first liftoff in a new starfighter. The start of a journey. All that cliche stuff--it's true. And just like when he climbs into his cockpit, he and BB-8 are in this together.

On the big day, BB-8 is rounder than Poe could imagine. Poe rubs BB-8's exterior case to help relieve the labor pains as BB-8's largest port dilates. The base's doctor is on hand to make sure the process goes smoothly, but there's nothing to worry about, as with one push (and a high-pitched shriek) from BB-8, the tiny round droid pops clean out, with a head full of black curls.

Poe holds the baby-8 and looks down into its optical sensor, feeling completely serene.

"Well, BB-8," he says, "It looks like we're a family at last."

Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg [fill]

(Anonymous) 2015-12-22 07:11 am (UTC)(link)
OMG it's everything I wanted it to be *_* Thank you so much!

Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg [fill]

(Anonymous) 2015-12-22 07:47 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my god baby-8!!! Because what could be more adorable than BB-8 other than a teenier version with Poe's hair!?! You are a gift

Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg [fill]

(Anonymous) 2016-01-14 06:58 am (UTC)(link)
knitting cozies for the little droid that's on the way

the tiny round droid pops clean out, with a head full of black curls


Oh my GOD. This is hilarious and amazing, anon. :D

MINIFILL: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2015-12-24 05:39 am (UTC)(link)
"You're such a brave girl, aren't you, BB-8?" Poe Dameron trailed an affectionate touch down the smooth, round dome of the droid's body, his dark eyes glittering in the low light. "My brave girl..."

"beep-chirp-beep-wooOOOoop!" The spherical, semi-sentient robot replied, rubbing up against the handsome pilot's leg affectionately. As a droid, it had no discernible gender, nor no need for one, until now. "Beep! Tweedle doop doop!"

Poe chuckled softly. "Yeah, I know. This is... new for me, too."

BB-8 shivered as the human caressed... her. She was a her, she knew this now. Understood the rush of lubricant she felt low in her access port, and near-overload of her circuitry coursing under her shell.

"Bwooop..." She chirped eagerly, rolling forward, into his touch. "Fweep. Fweeple bloop?"

Poe looked startled by this. But he didn't remove his hand from her shell. "Are you sure? BB-8, I... you mean a lot to me, you know that. But this is a big step for us."

"Doople bloop?" BB-8 chimed, shaking back and forth, waiting for him to move his hand more, to transmit more data to her central processing unit. "Beep beedabeep. Ba-doop."

The smile on Poe Dameron's face widened, and he raised his other hand, holding the droid in front of him, steadying her. BB-8 could feel the excess lubricant, coursing to her access port. She wanted to open it for him, but she wasn't sure if that was a threshold she was ready to cross. Whether they were ready.

Poe's finger teased the metal covering to her access port, easing her open for him.

"Beep, beep, beep!" She chimed erotically. "Dooplebeep!"

"Shh, it's all right." Poe reassured her. "We'll take this slow."


Re: MINIFILL: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2015-12-24 07:08 am (UTC)(link)
"Dooplebeep" is now my new official favourite word!! XD

Re: MINIFILL: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2015-12-24 02:45 pm (UTC)(link)

Also, I'm assuming all of BB-8's dialogue is incredibly vulgar. It makes this even better.

Completely misread prompt fill: the fic that no one asked for

(Anonymous) 2015-12-26 02:33 pm (UTC)(link)
I drastically, drastically misread the prompt. This is a generic fill addressing "So, it turns out droids can get pregnant after all. Whoops!" but nothing about Poe. Sorry.

Instead, you get a BB-8 origins story that's a crossover with the Gundam universe, specifically Gundam 00 post Awakening of the Trailblazer movie. If you're unfamiliar with Gundam, Haro ( is the cute robotic mascot of the series. In Gundam 00, Haro fills a similar role to R2D2 and BB-8 in terms of assisting mobile suit pilots and helping with repairs. The moment I saw BB-8, it seemed obvious that BB-8 is the offspring of a love affair between R2D2 and Haro.

Enjoy your robot sex.


Master Luke was gone. Not only was he gone, but he had the nerve to ask R2D2 to deliberately maroon him somewhere, and then delete that portion of the map from R2's memory. Angry didn't even begin to describe how R2 felt about this turn of events. He flew the empty X-wing through an unfamiliar sector of the galaxy, right at the edge of the now blank space in his memory. The rendezvous point where he was to meet his comrades was a total of seven hyperspace jumps away. He entered the coordinates as indignantly as a droid operating a ship by wire possibly could and triggered the first jump.

Not one minute into hyperspace, all manner of alarms started going off. R2 cursed out loud at no one in particular. The appropriate emergency manoeuvre was to forcibly exit hyperspace, and R2 did just that. He quickly scanned his surroundings. They were utterly unfamiliar, but the source of his problems was clear as day: a debris field of crystalline shards. While the shards themselves didn't look terribly unusual, R2 found nothing in his data banks that matched their composition. Even more strange was the presence of a completely unfamiliar particle type.

As R2 plotted a new course that would take him out of this area, a proximity alarm sounded. What now? R2 prepared to activate the shields, but then noticed that the craft approaching him was nothing more than a very primitive looking transport pod. The pod hailed him on an unfamiliar frequency and in an unfamiliar language. For once, C-3PO might have been useful. R2 responded as best as he could, but only received silence in return.

He was about to give up and move on, when the floating crystalline shards suddenly sprang to life and launched themselves directly at the X-wing. R2 panicked and put up the shields. Obliteration seemed seconds away. However, rather than attack, the shards encircled both the X-wing and the transport pod, and before R2's sensors, reconfigured themselves into what closely resembled a docking bay. Air rushed in from newly constructed vents until the pressure stabilised to something suitable for most organisms.

"Bwoop," R2 said to himself after he realised he had absolutely no idea what to do.

The pod opened. Out of the pod floated an orange ball. On closer inspection, this ball had flashing red eyes, and also arms and legs that poked out from various flaps, and was in fact a small droid. It circled the X-wing. One didn't need to be fluent in six billion forms of communication to understand the universal body language of "you are being scanned".

After completing its little circumnavigation, the orange ball droid floated directly towards R2, stopping right in front of him. Its eyes flashed red.


Remarkably, R2 understood this and responded with a series of beeps and clicks to identify himself.


R2 stared at Haro in stunned silence. This never happened to him before. Everyone knew Binary. Even humans could understand it if they bothered to learn.


This little guy got straight to the point. Usually R2 was the forward one when it came to these sorts of things. After all, he wouldn't be where he was today if he wasn't capable of sweet-talking a mainframe. Meanwhile, Haro seemed to want to get right down to business. R2 supposed that a physical connection was all one could hope for with a completely foreign partner who couldn't speak one's language.

R2 let out a sarcastically sultry beep and opened up one of his panels. Haro immediately extended what could only be described as a tongue and began probing around R2's data connector. They both fumbled with different connector configurations until they jury-rigged something that worked. It immediately became obvious that their data types were completely incompatible. Thankfully, R2 was very practised at this kind of thing and pumped down the most basic communication code he had through Haro's data cable.

Haro quickly figured it out, and after a very basic introduction, started bombarding R2 with requests for any information he had. Where was R2 from? Where was he going? What was the propulsion system in R2's ship? Where was the pilot? Even R2 had standards regarding what sort of information he would share with whom, and wasn't about to break them just for a cute droid. Or so he thought.

Haro was rather persistent. Another tongue extended from within and proceeded to probe every nook and cranny that R2 had. It tickled his circuits. He even tolerated Haro's venture into his exhaust port, which would normally be met with an angry whir and an electrical shock directed at the perpetrator. Not this time, though. Somehow, what Haro was doing felt nice, and what was life without a little adventure?


Without really considering the ramifications of what Haro was asking, R2 beeped in the affirmative. To his surprise, Haro's versatile appendage rapidly extended in length. It was as if Haro had an endless spool of flexible prehensile cable within that tiny orange body. R2 observed in awe as all of it slowly disappeared within him, stimulating internal circuits that he didn't even know he had. Faster than R2 would like to admit, his circuits were overwhelmed, and he let out a string of expletives as he reached a crescendo.

As R2's excited circuits gradually settled and Haro withdrew all of his protrusions until he was once again a smooth ball, he realised that during this little tryst, Haro had completely scanned R2's data banks. R2 was about to protest, but Haro's eyes flashed, and he said "HARO. KEEPS YOUR SECRET. HARO. KEEPS YOUR SECRET."

Too placated by the immediate events, R2 didn't have the energy nor will to put up a fight. Instead, he just sat quietly while Haro nuzzled him.


R2 beeped in surprise, asking what it was.


Re: Completely misread prompt fill: the fic that no one asked for

(Anonymous) 2016-03-02 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
This is brilliant! This is bizarrely cute, sexier than I thought it would be, and super sweet <3 LOL at R2 being such a player! And aww at them having a little BB-8!

Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2016-01-04 03:03 am (UTC)(link)
I've been laughing for ten minutes at this so i had to throw in something enjoy


Poe slammed his helmet down the moment he got out of his X-Wing.
BB-8 popped itself out of its holding spot and wheeled after him, chirping in concern. It didn’t like to see its pilot so distressed, even after a tough mission.
Poe didn’t reply to it. He stomped all the way to his quarters and slammed the door behind him. BB-8 whirred, annoyed at being shut out, and opened the door itself to find its owner lying face down on his bed. It beeped again.
“Gods, I did terrible. How the hell am I even still a pilot? I should be fired.”
BB-8 wasn’t sure how to comfort its owner. Poe seemed very stressed out over their latest mission. Sure, they could’ve done better, but they’ve could’ve done a lot worse. It whistled. You did fine!
“I could’ve done better.” Poe sat up and sighed, running his hand back through his hair. BB-8 tried not to stare. “’Fine’ won’t help the rebellion get anywhere.”
BB-8 whirred. How could it cheer up Poe? He need something to take his mind off the mission. You need to relax. I could help you.
Poe stared off into space for a moment, before his mouth cracked into a grin. “You know, I would really like that. You can help me out, personally.” He stood up and started to slip off his suit until he was naked, unashamed. BB-8 tried to say something about modesty, but a warm feeling rushed through it, and one of its ports opened voluntarily.
“How about I show you a way humans relax?” Poe kneeled down and started kissing the top of BB-8’s head, causing the droid to shiver. His kisses started getting sloppier and sloppier until he was practically licking the droid. His hands started to run over BB-8, touching every dent and button they could find. A beep similar to a moan escaped from BB-8. Whatever this was…it felt good.
“Oh, you like this, huh?” Poe chuckled, picking BB-8 up and sitting on the bed, setting BB-8 down on his…rather hard shaft. BB-8 shuddered at its size. “Let’s take this a little further.”
He rolled BB-8 along his shaft, which was starting to become sticky with a curious liquid. BB-8 couldn’t hold back its moans, and apparently neither could Poe. He grunted and gasped as BB-8 made itself run across faster and harder.
Poe…Get inside me. BB-8 wasn’t sure what that meant, but he had heard people say it in the videos Poe watched when he thought he was alone.
“Alright, you dirty droid slut.” By now, all of BB-8’s ports had opened, and Poe stuck his shaft into the largest one. BB-8 screeched and Poe moaned, thrusting himself against the droid’s small body. Soon enough, a warm liquid spurted out of Poe’s shaft and into BB-8, and oil spluttered out of some of BB-8’s ports. Poe withdrew his shaft, panting. “God…that was incredible.”
BB-8 could only whirr in reply.
They “fucked,” as BB-8 learned it was called, a lot more after that. Every time, it was pleased to help out its owner. Plus it felt really good.
It had been a few week since their last time, and the memory of it sent BB-8 awhirl. But it had been feeling funny since that time.
It was harder to get into the X-Wing, like some force was pulling BB-8 down. It was also feeling a little off, but it didn’t want to tell anyone, in fear of making them worry unnecessarily.
Of course, that backfired when BB-8 randomly started spurting oil during dinner one night. Poe immediately rushed it to the mechanic, with Finn and Rey following close behind.
The mechanic hummed as she scanned BB-8 and prodded it in awkward places. It had a mind to tell her off-only Poe was allowed in those places! But it stood still and let her do her job.
Finally, she took off her glasses and turned around to face Poe and his friends. “I don’t know how to say this, nor do I know how this is possible, but I believe your droid may be pregnant.”
Poe’s mouth dropped open, and Finn looked confusedly from Poe to BB-8. Rey doubled over laughing. “Oh my gods! Poe-Poe is a filthy robot fucker! Pffffft-hahahah!”
BB-8 swore that it was shutting down. Pregnant? How could it be? Was it the will of the Force? How could a human and a droid have a child?
“Pr-Pregnant?” Poe spluttered.
“Wait, so…That means he stuck his…in BB-8…Shouldn’t it be too big?” Finn scratched his head. “Or is Poe just really small?”
“Yes, Mr. Dameron. You should bring it in for weekly checkups. Congratulations, I suppose.”
Poe didn’t say anything as he gently picked BB-8 up and walked past a still laughing Rey and a befuddled Finn. Maybe Poe didn’t want a child, BB-8 realized. Maybe he was going to dump BB-8. Without it realizing, oily tears leaked out of BB-8’s eye.
“We’re going to make this work.” BB-8 looked up at Poe in astonishment. The pilot smiled down at it. “We are going to make this work, I promise.”
BB-8 cooed at its owner, and snuggled into his arms.
Nine months later, one side of BB-8 had swollen so much that it was nearly no longer a sphere. Rey and Finn had promised to help their friends, even though Rey would still burst into giggles from time to time. And their time came to help when BB-8 suddenly started screaming in pain one morning.
It hurt like nothing before. Even death would’ve been less painful than what BB-8 was currently experiencing. Poe kept trying to sooth BB-8, but relaxing was hard when everything hurt like a bitch.
Finally, there was a popping sound, and a reedy cry fill the air. BB-8 lifted its head to see the mechanic holding a baby with Poe’s curls and BB-8’s orange markings. It whistled in relief and dropped its head back down.
The baby was cleaned and handed to the new parents to admire. Finn and Rey sat with them, and the room was silent for a while until Rey broke it. “I still can’t believe Poe is a robot fucker.”
This is really bad but I couldn’t stop laughing enough to write seriously plus I have to go in a few minutes so I rushed it

Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2016-03-02 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
This is brilliant! LoL at Rey and Finn! I'm glad they're in this one!

Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2016-01-29 04:11 am (UTC)(link)
Lol, didn't they warn us against this in Ex Machina?