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Kylo forces Rey to dress up like Vader and force-choke him while they fuck.

Re: Kylo/Rey

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Does she peg him? And calls him grandson?

Re: Kylo/Rey

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Re: Kylo/Rey

(Anonymous) 2015-12-20 02:53 am (UTC)(link)
"Talk dirty to me!"
", I killed younglings in the Jedi temple?"

Re: Kylo/Rey

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"Talk dirty to me!"

Re: Kylo/Rey

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"Talk dirty to me!"
"Well, I can tell you my feelings about sand."

Re: Kylo/Rey

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ah man what is this site and why didnt i know of it earlier? xD

[FILL] To Worship False Idols 1/? (Kylo/Rey, force-choking, non-con)

(Anonymous) 2016-04-04 04:52 pm (UTC)(link)
My first fill! Includes forced force-choking (lol), incestuous role-play, non-con, forced pegging and topping-from-the-bottom-Kylo. Enjoy :)


The pile of clothes in front of her looks harmless, but she still doesn’t trust them.

She’s been wearing the same stinking clothes she was caught in for days, and the bathing facilities for prisoners are non-existent, it seems. She feels grimy and rotten, caked in blood and sweat and tears, but she hasn’t felt safe enough to remove her clothes for a long time. This offering of clean garments placed on the bench while she was being interrogated is more than welcome, but she is too suspicious to take them for granted.

When Rey is released from her restraints it comes as a surprise, but she immediately searches for a way out even though she knows there is none. The door is unsurpassable and she claws her nails bloody trying to gain purchase around the indents of the edge. Everything is screwed to the floor and even though she can somehow feel the guards’ minds outside, she can only manage to prod gently before she develops a blinding headache and curls up on the cold bench.

In desperation, she imagines sand beneath her feet and the chatter of the marketplace and she wishes so badly that she were home. It helps, a bit.

When she stops crying she looks again at the black garments. They look well made and comfortable, and she gives in to temptation and picks the top one up. It is a black cape, heavy and thick in her hands and oh so warm. She drapes it around herself and inhales. It smells of dust.

The outfit itself looks and feels expensive, and Rey wonders why they would bother giving it to her. The design itself is old - Rey remembers ancient robes in this style being sold at market long ago for far too extortionate prices, although the man who sold them escapes her memory. They are all too large, created for a man or a larger, humanoid creature, and there are fraying edges and tears that have been repaired carefully and seemingly by hand. Rey looks around and, seeing no obvious cameras, wraps the cloak around herself and changes into them. She has to roll the sleeves up a bit, and the trousers drag on the floor but she is clean, at least, and warmer than she was. She may be wary, but she will take advantage of the small mercies. There are boots under the bench and she puts them on, tucking the trousers in and wiggling her numb toes to warm them up. If she is going to escape, she reasons, she cannot do it barefooted.

There is a pair of black gloves on the bench also, but Rey decides against them. They are too big and, although warm, would render her hands useless in a fight. She stands and paces, the new clothes empowering her. They feel as if they would be worn by a leader, a powerful force, and she again ponders why they would have been given to her. She files this away as unimportant and plans her escape.

Re: [FILL] To Worship False Idols 2/? (Kylo/Rey, force-choking, non-con)

(Anonymous) 2016-04-04 04:55 pm (UTC)(link)
She is inspecting the restraints at the center of the room when the door opens. She whirls around, ready to fight whoever is there, and freezes in place - literally, her arm frozen in a half-thrown punch and her legs in battle stance. She is expecting it when Kylo Ren walks into the room, but she is not expecting him to be so...smug? She has only ever seen him sulk or prowl around, but now he smirks and she is struck with fear in the pit of her stomach. She doesn’t show it, of course, but she is certain he can tell anyway.

He walks straight up to her and drags his eyes down to her outfit. Rey is furious with herself; she knew the outfit was suspect, but she still does not know why. Ren reaches out.

When he touches her face she tries to jolt back, partially in disgust and partially out of attempted self-preservation - she has not forgotten his Force mind tricks, and she fears she might not be able to resist them again. However, what she finds in him is completely unexpected. She feels the hatred and anger in his mind, of course, but under them are feelings of love, of admiration, even pride. She curls her lip and feels only burning, seething rage that she jabs at him as hard as she mentally can. He winces, but the smile remains.

“You put them on.” He murmurs, almost to himself. “You look...amazing.”

She tries to spit at him and he laughs, pulling back. He moves over to the bench and picks up the gloves. Rey tries to struggle as her places one on her frozen left hand almost tenderly, and he gives her an admonishing look as he comes to her other, balled up fist. When he releases her hand she claws at him and he laughs out loud, but the laugh is forced and she can sense the nervousness hiding underneath. He holds her still again as she spreads her fingers and pushes the glove on a little more forcefully. Rey concentrates on the only thing she can - the Force.

As Ren makes his way around her she feels out the boundaries of the room. There are no guards outside the cell any more, she notes with surprise, and Ren encompasses almost all her thoughts. She ignores his mind (she wouldn’t even attempt to manipulate him, she decides) and focuses instead on his physical form. She can feel his shape, very different from the surrounding room, and she wonders if she can use that to her advantage. She is broken from her thoughts when he faces her, only inches away and grinning madly.

“I can feel your Force.” He says. “I know what you want to do.” He barks out a sharp laugh and leans over to whisper in her ear.

“Do it.”

With a feral growl, Rey reaches out with her mind and grabs Ren by the throat, slamming him against the wall. His concentration broken, she is free to move again and reaches out her gloved arm, mimicking the action of hands around his throat. Kylo is struggling against the attack, but Rey can feel the admiration pouring off of him. It is only when she notices arousal in his mind and the tenting at his crotch that her eyes widen and she lets him go. He falls to the floor, coughing, and she leaps back in unconcealed horror. “You sick freak,” she blurts out. “What’s wrong with you?”

Kylo Ren pants and looks up from where he is kneeling on the floor. He smiles a genuine smile and Rey is frozen in place again, helpless against him as he limps over and caresses her cheek almost tenderly.

“There’s nothing wrong.” He smiles. “This is perfect.” and he kisses her.