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Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2016-01-04 03:03 am (UTC)(link)
I've been laughing for ten minutes at this so i had to throw in something enjoy


Poe slammed his helmet down the moment he got out of his X-Wing.
BB-8 popped itself out of its holding spot and wheeled after him, chirping in concern. It didn’t like to see its pilot so distressed, even after a tough mission.
Poe didn’t reply to it. He stomped all the way to his quarters and slammed the door behind him. BB-8 whirred, annoyed at being shut out, and opened the door itself to find its owner lying face down on his bed. It beeped again.
“Gods, I did terrible. How the hell am I even still a pilot? I should be fired.”
BB-8 wasn’t sure how to comfort its owner. Poe seemed very stressed out over their latest mission. Sure, they could’ve done better, but they’ve could’ve done a lot worse. It whistled. You did fine!
“I could’ve done better.” Poe sat up and sighed, running his hand back through his hair. BB-8 tried not to stare. “’Fine’ won’t help the rebellion get anywhere.”
BB-8 whirred. How could it cheer up Poe? He need something to take his mind off the mission. You need to relax. I could help you.
Poe stared off into space for a moment, before his mouth cracked into a grin. “You know, I would really like that. You can help me out, personally.” He stood up and started to slip off his suit until he was naked, unashamed. BB-8 tried to say something about modesty, but a warm feeling rushed through it, and one of its ports opened voluntarily.
“How about I show you a way humans relax?” Poe kneeled down and started kissing the top of BB-8’s head, causing the droid to shiver. His kisses started getting sloppier and sloppier until he was practically licking the droid. His hands started to run over BB-8, touching every dent and button they could find. A beep similar to a moan escaped from BB-8. Whatever this was…it felt good.
“Oh, you like this, huh?” Poe chuckled, picking BB-8 up and sitting on the bed, setting BB-8 down on his…rather hard shaft. BB-8 shuddered at its size. “Let’s take this a little further.”
He rolled BB-8 along his shaft, which was starting to become sticky with a curious liquid. BB-8 couldn’t hold back its moans, and apparently neither could Poe. He grunted and gasped as BB-8 made itself run across faster and harder.
Poe…Get inside me. BB-8 wasn’t sure what that meant, but he had heard people say it in the videos Poe watched when he thought he was alone.
“Alright, you dirty droid slut.” By now, all of BB-8’s ports had opened, and Poe stuck his shaft into the largest one. BB-8 screeched and Poe moaned, thrusting himself against the droid’s small body. Soon enough, a warm liquid spurted out of Poe’s shaft and into BB-8, and oil spluttered out of some of BB-8’s ports. Poe withdrew his shaft, panting. “God…that was incredible.”
BB-8 could only whirr in reply.
They “fucked,” as BB-8 learned it was called, a lot more after that. Every time, it was pleased to help out its owner. Plus it felt really good.
It had been a few week since their last time, and the memory of it sent BB-8 awhirl. But it had been feeling funny since that time.
It was harder to get into the X-Wing, like some force was pulling BB-8 down. It was also feeling a little off, but it didn’t want to tell anyone, in fear of making them worry unnecessarily.
Of course, that backfired when BB-8 randomly started spurting oil during dinner one night. Poe immediately rushed it to the mechanic, with Finn and Rey following close behind.
The mechanic hummed as she scanned BB-8 and prodded it in awkward places. It had a mind to tell her off-only Poe was allowed in those places! But it stood still and let her do her job.
Finally, she took off her glasses and turned around to face Poe and his friends. “I don’t know how to say this, nor do I know how this is possible, but I believe your droid may be pregnant.”
Poe’s mouth dropped open, and Finn looked confusedly from Poe to BB-8. Rey doubled over laughing. “Oh my gods! Poe-Poe is a filthy robot fucker! Pffffft-hahahah!”
BB-8 swore that it was shutting down. Pregnant? How could it be? Was it the will of the Force? How could a human and a droid have a child?
“Pr-Pregnant?” Poe spluttered.
“Wait, so…That means he stuck his…in BB-8…Shouldn’t it be too big?” Finn scratched his head. “Or is Poe just really small?”
“Yes, Mr. Dameron. You should bring it in for weekly checkups. Congratulations, I suppose.”
Poe didn’t say anything as he gently picked BB-8 up and walked past a still laughing Rey and a befuddled Finn. Maybe Poe didn’t want a child, BB-8 realized. Maybe he was going to dump BB-8. Without it realizing, oily tears leaked out of BB-8’s eye.
“We’re going to make this work.” BB-8 looked up at Poe in astonishment. The pilot smiled down at it. “We are going to make this work, I promise.”
BB-8 cooed at its owner, and snuggled into his arms.
Nine months later, one side of BB-8 had swollen so much that it was nearly no longer a sphere. Rey and Finn had promised to help their friends, even though Rey would still burst into giggles from time to time. And their time came to help when BB-8 suddenly started screaming in pain one morning.
It hurt like nothing before. Even death would’ve been less painful than what BB-8 was currently experiencing. Poe kept trying to sooth BB-8, but relaxing was hard when everything hurt like a bitch.
Finally, there was a popping sound, and a reedy cry fill the air. BB-8 lifted its head to see the mechanic holding a baby with Poe’s curls and BB-8’s orange markings. It whistled in relief and dropped its head back down.
The baby was cleaned and handed to the new parents to admire. Finn and Rey sat with them, and the room was silent for a while until Rey broke it. “I still can’t believe Poe is a robot fucker.”
This is really bad but I couldn’t stop laughing enough to write seriously plus I have to go in a few minutes so I rushed it

Re: Poe/BB-8, droidpreg

(Anonymous) 2016-03-02 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
This is brilliant! LoL at Rey and Finn! I'm glad they're in this one!